Preventing the Next Tragedy: Why Gun Insurance is Vital

Unintentional firearm injury is more common than many people think, and studies show that Americans are four times more likely to die from unintentional gun injury than any other high-income country. Nearly 40% of nonfatal firearm injuries are unintentional, and with the right preparation and coverage, unintended shootings are preventable. 

There are many risk factors that make firearm interactions more deadly, such as alcohol, decreased mental health, and young users. Nearly 1 in 4 unintentional gun deaths involved alcohol, and over 80% of teens who commit suicide do so with a firearm that belongs to a member of their household. Despite these harrowing facts, gun insurance has the ability to make gun ownership safer. In 2022, San Jose became the first city to require gun liability insurance, and Los Angeles is heavily considering following suit. Also, many insurance companies actually reward customers for good practices by lowering premiums. 

Safety practices such as using a gun safe, taking safety courses, and installing a trigger lock are all ways that firearm accidents can be prevented, as studies show that 31% of accidental firearm deaths could be prevented with child-proof safety locks and loaded chamber indicators. In addition, many homeowners are already covered by firearm insurance, as standard homeowners insurance policies often include this type of coverage. Incidents like theft, loss, or liability are most often covered by most policies. Even those who are not covered can find ease in purchasing further insurance for their firearms, making sure that children and inexperienced people are safe from the risk that gun ownership presents.

Is gun liability insurance required?