Product Categories Made Better With CBD Oils

    CBD is now one of the most popular supplements in the United States. According to a survey from August 2019, 14% of Americans have used CBD for some sort of therapeutic purpose. This comes as more and more people discover the various potential physical and emotional benefits of CBD.

    However, because it is so new, many people have questions about CBD. How does CBD make you feel? What products can I enjoy CBD in?

    There’s good news: CBD is a very versatile compound, one you can potentially enjoy in many formats. Here is a look at a few of the best examples of CBD products you can enjoy.


    Perhaps the most common way of enjoying CBD has been through food. It is best known for being found in gummies, but it is becoming increasingly available in a wide array of other candies and snack treats. Furthermore, cooking with CBD is something that is gaining in popularity. Indeed, a brief look on the internet reveals no shortage of websites that have information about how to best cook with CBD. Furthermore, there are now plenty of ready-made products, including honey, olive oil, and mints, among many other products.


    Not to be outdone, there are now a variety of CBD-infused drinks that can be purchased. These include teas, coffees, sodas, and more. You also want to consider water-soluble CBD as it can dissolve in water and other beverages. It seems very likely that even more CBD-based drinks will be available in the future.

    Comforting Clothing

    Yes, you read that right. There are now a number of different types of “comfortable clothing” which you can purchase. These items have all been infused with CBD oil. This is important because one of the possible benefits of CBD use is to reduce tension, help to melt away stress, and improve sleep. As such, comfortable clothing and accessories may be a perfect use for CBD related products. Examples include CBD Robes and CBD Pillows.

    CBD Pet Treats

    Animals, like their human counterparts, have Endocannabinoid Systems that appear to react positively to CBD tincture. More evidence is unquestionably needed, but some studies have noted that there is evidence to suggest that CBD can potentially reduce pain associated with arthritis in dogs. Furthermore, smaller studies have noted that CBD can help to dogs reduce seizures. As such, there are now specifically made CBD treats for pets.

    CBD products are all the rage these days, and that comes largely as a result of the flexibility noted here. Indeed, no matter what you like to eat, drink, smoke, or use, there is probably a CBD product that is perfect for you.