Quality Control Music Retains Movement Management Advisors for Strategic Planning and Cap Market Preparation

    Quality Control Music (QC) recently retained the Movement Management Advisors, a firm led by Darien Dash, for strategic planning and corporate restructuring services. The goal is to expand QC from music to global media.

    The industry titan was founded by Pierre Thomas and Kevin Lee, also known as Pee and Coach. These music industry entrepreneurs needed a solid consultant to establish a stronger presence in the capital market. As they prepare to launch larger campaigns across different mediums, they’ve selected one of the most sought-after professionals in the US.

    With the help of successful entrepreneur Darien Dash from Movement Management Advisors, QC has the opportunity to forge strong relationships with institutional investors as the company gets ready to scale up. This visionary leader has helped numerous individuals and companies succeed in a variety of markets.

    Dash said of the venture, “Coach and Pee have built QC Music into one of the most important cultural business platforms in the world. I am proud and excited to assist them in executing their vision of expanding QC beyond music and into a global media company.”

    With this partnership, Dash joins as CFO and Head of Global Strategy for the company, leading the assignment with his special brand of dedication, expertise, and hard work. If QC is going to expand, it will need to develop operational and financial policies that account for growth. Dash understands what it means to break barriers in the corporate world. His strategy involves getting the right people on board, so QC can attract new audiences en masse.

    All three professionals are ready to run with this challenge. Thomas said, “Together, with Dash to advise and guide us, we are going to take QC to the level of global domination!” Lee remarked, “We are very excited to have Dash join us on our journey and help us execute our vision for our business, together we will take Quality Control to new heights.” This serious undertaking can’t be accomplished without the right people at the helm. For the leaders of this venture, the company has become so much more than music.

    QC originally made a name for itself by listening to artists, not by analyzing spreadsheets about their appeal. By responding to the cultural changes, the two kept their roster of artists fresh and vibrant. It’s a sense of spirit that they’re bringing to the table rather than a muted mentality that prioritizes profits before people, and it’s a spirit they’ll bring to any media they work with.

    Located in Atlanta, the company has signed revolutionary acts like Migo and Lil’ Yachty. The co-founders act as studio owners, managers, and digital strategists. It’s no wonder they would connect with someone like Darien Dash from Movement Management Advisors, a man who’s used to wearing several hats at any given time.

    About Quality Control Music

    Quality Control Music was founded in 2013 by CEO Pierre Thomas and COO Kevin Lee. After hitting billions of streams, a year from their incredible artists, including City Girls and Rich the Kid, the company is one of the largest and most influential labels today. In 2020, My Turn from QC’s Lil Baby became the highest-selling and streaming album of the year. It was also the only one to go RIAA-certified double platinum.

    About The Movement Management Advisors

    The Movement Management Advisors was founded by Darien Dash, a visionary entrepreneur and advisor to government officials, hedge funds, banks, and C-suite executives. His company is so sought after because of Dash’s ability to sense what’s coming before it happens. He has three decades of professional experience across a range of industries. From cannabis to media to sports, his companies are based on making the right relationships and establishing the best financial solutions to both everyday and long-term challenges.