Empowering Farmers To Support Brands With Quality Private Label Tea

    The best brands among tea companies that have managed to maintain their market share despite stifling competition and price wars have achieved distinction mainly as a result of superior quality. The reputation of brands is at stake when quality is compromised, and some tea brands have a brand story. For instance, a brand may have been established with a vision and mission to offer products that are organic with sustainable farming practices. The brand then needs to maintain superior quality by ensuring that the suppliers meet their standards. This is the single most important aspect that private label tea companies have to maintain.


    Sustainable Farming Practices For All Products Sourced

    A wholesale tea supplier who is contracted by a private label tea company to supply packaged tea needs to ensure that the products are sourced from farms that follow sustainable farming practices. Companies that source products from a single or multiple vendors often have a Vendor Management System that lays down the standard requirements to meet the quality criteria. Reputed suppliers of tea who have been in the business for long and who work with the right business objectives will ensure that all procurement and farming practices are sustainable, to justify the brand story of the private label tea.

    The Need To Meet Packaging Requirements

    Packaging requirements of private label tea are stringent. This is not just regarding the appearance and the appeal, but also needs to ensure that the tea is packed in a manner that seals the nutrients hermetically. The packaged tea needs to outlive the promised shelf life as any faulty packaging can result in the brand losing its value and sales. This will impact the operations of the brand adversely, as the consumers make a purchase decision on the value of the brand. While consumers may or may not be aware of the supply chain and the procurement from various suppliers, the decision to buy a brand’s products is taken solely because of the brand story and value. It is therefore important for a brand and the supplier to ensure that the quality is consistent.


    Innovative Flavours And Presentations

    As a beverage tea is consumed globally and it has been popularised largely as a result of the innovative flavors that make it appealing to the new generation. With stiff competition from other beverages and soft drinks, tea suppliers and brands have their task cut out here. The need is to come up with flavors that will compete with other beverages and soft drinks, offering not just a healthier option, but also an appealing taste. Tea can create a refreshed and rejuvenated feeling among individuals who drink it. This needs to be enhanced by creating flavors that are appealing and interesting in a world where choices are virtually unlimited.

    Suppliers of wholesale tea need to ensure that they meet the quality standards of the brands while sticking to organic farming and sustainable practices to justify and live up to the expectations of consumers who purchase private label tea for the brand value and story.