Questions to Ask When Looking for Car Insurance

    Nobody wants to live in fear of an accident or the gloom and doom, always expecting the worst. However, you can make the process of finding car insurance pain free by asking the right questions. As you can guess, the first question is often price and that answer usually points to Freeway Insurance for cheap car insurance.

    The experts at BrokerLink suggest putting in a little bit of time and effort upfront, is the best approach to educate yourself about the ideal insurance policy option for your needs. 

    Shop Around 

    Step one is not to settle for the first option you come across.  Look at alternative options and shop around for the best possible cover for your unique needs and budget. 

    You don’t have to do this on your own. A reputable and trusted insurance broker can do this for you. There are also several useful tools to help compile a checklist of items you need to consider before sealing the deal.

    How Often and Why Do You Drive?

    Do you use your car every day and what distances do you cover? It’s possible you may qualify for a mileage-based discount. Be clear and disclose if your vehicle is used every day for a work commute or if it is a second or recreational vehicle not often in use. 

    Check if you will be covered for both business and leisure use of your vehicle. Should you work as a driver transporting passengers or if you are involved in delivering goods you may need an extra level of cover to protect your customers and goods in transit.

    People and Places

    Are you the only driver of the vehicle and where do you usually drive? Are all others listed and have you checked if there are specific age-related conditions, especially for younger drivers. 

    Where is your vehicle parked when not in use? Do you make use of off-street lots and do you mostly store your car in a safe and secure garage or do you keep it on a busy road? Remember to update and adjust this location should you move suburbs or cities and when you change jobs. 

    Keep in mind that the minimum insurance requirements and liability may differ when moving states, be sure to review this too. 

    Can You Cancel or Adjust Your Car Insurance?

    Regular reviews are not only a good idea when assessing your budget. You should also consider that the monetary value of your car will decrease over time. 

    Ask if you can adjust your insurance cover according to your vehicle’s value. Check what happens with your insurance in the event of paying off a car versus one that is financed or leased as an example.

    Smart Equals Safe

    To conclude, having sufficient and appropriate insurance is not only the right thing to do. It is also the smart thing to do. Circumstances change. If you’ve moved locations, have additional drivers, or believe you can get a discount, start asking the right questions.  In the case of car insurance, being smart equals being safe.