Questions To Ask When Selecting A Signage Company For Your Business

    Your sign is the first thing that customers encounter, and you never get a second chance to make a first impression. In recent years, signs have emerged as a crucial way of communicating ideas and information precisely and fast. The procedure of designing a catchy and well thought out sign to represent your business or an idea can seem to be straightforward, but it involves a lot of things. This is why you need a high-quality signage company to take care of all the factors that need to be considered before developing the perfect sign for your business. When looking for such a company, you will come across several options, and you need to know how to select the best one for your business. Here are some essential questions to ask when choosing a signage company;

    How Long Have They Been In Business?

    Knowledge in designing of signs can be obtained from studies but the one got from experience is the best. Ensure you check the number of years a business has been in service before selecting them for your signage project. Always lean towards the more experienced firms since they must have designed several signs in the past and are better placed to create a good one for your business. This does not automatically rule out the new signage companies entering the fray as some of them could be equally good at what they do. The primary limitation with the new companies is that they have a limited track record for you to analyze and by selecting them, you are taking a considerable risk on the first impression that customers will have on your business, without even mentioning the money spent on these designs. It is thus safer to opt for the seasoned firms that understand the trends in signage and can effectively design a perfect one for you.

    Are They A Real Signage Company or A Broker?

    Middlemen exist in almost every area, and several signage companies you come across might be brokers. These brokers will take the job and then contact the real companies to do the designing and manufacturing before coming back to you with the final product. You need to avoid brokers since you end up paying them more for doing nothing. Try to find a real signage company that does the job on their own as this will save you money that would have been paid to the broker. Aside from that, a broker company might not allow you to get in contact with the real one designing the sign and the transfer of information regarding the specifications of the sign might lead to some errors. A broker might misunderstand the description you give them since they do not dwell so much on the design and end up delivering a sign that is below par.

    What Are the Services Offered?

    When hiring a signage company, you need to be aware of the services that you will get from them. Be sure to ask this part when contacting them so that you do not end up regretting later. Ideally, you need to find a signage company that will take care of all your needs so that you are not forced to look anywhere else when something goes wrong. Do they secure the sign permit for you? Can they install the sign for you? What happens if you need some repairs as time goes by, can they do it for you? Do they subcontract firms to do things that they cannot do from their end? When searching for a signage company, find one that will deal with all the things surrounding this part of your business so that you are not forced to start looking around when you need repairs or anything else.


    Are They Well Versed with The Kind Of Signs You Need?

    You will undoubtedly come across several impressive signage firms, but it all depends on what you need. This is why you need to state out your needs clearly before you start looking so that you do not land one that is not suitable for you. Ensure you ask your signage company about their strengths and areas where they can offer the best. Are they good in electric or monumental signs? Pole signs or neon signs? You should avoid a situation where you land a signage company that has never dealt with a particular type of sign and end up as the first client they are designing that sign for. This is similar to hiring an amateur signage company, and it could backfire on you. Have your needs spelled out and find a signage company that has what it takes to fulfill them.

    What Are Their Terms And Conditions?

    It is vital to check out how a signage company operates before hiring them. This is a broad aspect that covers several vital things concerned with how you interact with them when coming up with a suitable sign for your business. One important thing to look at is the design phase. Do they need you to come up with your design or they have a provision for designing the entire sign for you? Well, some businesses might have a plan in mind while others might not have it, so you need to ensure that this area is taken care of. How is their pricing method? Do they ask you for a down payment and then ask for the rest after the sign is delivered or do they charge the whole amount at once? The payment aspect is crucial, and you need to find a signage company with a payment structure that favors you. In a nutshell, you need to ascertain that a signage company operates in a way that is comfortable for you so that you do not end up complaining later.

    Some critical questions to ask your signage company before hiring them have been mentioned. Take your time when assessing your options so that you land the best one for you. Your business signs should not be left to an unreliable signage company as it could considerably derail your image and deter customers away.