Awesome Reasons Why Surf Is Good For You

    You can find so many healthy activities to improve your physique and overall life, but something you will love a lot is surfing. Being close to the water is something that can be extremely refreshing, and that is the reason why many people always prefer water sports to others.

    You may also have a liking for surfing but looking for a way to enjoy it to the fullest, and that is when you can consider going for Surfaris, one of the best names to find the best surfing lessons and tours. If you are thinking about why you should try it.

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    Some Reasons To Start Surfing:

    • Healthy for the Heart – Surfing requires you to do a lot of paddling, which is the work of your upper body muscles. The leg muscles later guide the board once you are all set and riding. The paddling time is more and involves a deep and rigorous workout of the upper body and core muscles. This keeps your heart rate at the check and keeps your heart hale.
    • Refreshing for the Mind – Besides giving benefits for physical health, surfing is also a fun activity that can reduce stress and get you in the leisure mode.
    • Healthy for Bones – Most of the problems caused today are apparently because of weak bones. For calcium to get absorbed by the body, it needs Vitamin D, which is available freely – provided we step out and make the most of the natural sunlight! Surfing is a great way to encourage movement in the sun, thus improving your bone strength as well as regulating the growth of skin cells, calcium and phosphorus.
    • More Workout, more rest – After a great deal of exercising your whole body through surfing, you will feel energized and refreshed. The mind will be calm. But, the body will need adequate rest for the muscles to relax and repair for the next activity. As the muscles prepare to repair, you are sure to get a good night’s sleep.
    • Wholesome Workout – Surfing is a great workout for the body and mind alike. When you paddle, your upper body works, when you are riding, the leg muscles spring into action. Your mind is alert all the time because of the continuously changing waves.
    • Strengthening of Core Muscles – Paddling gives work to back and shoulder muscles, making them strong and toning them. This builds a strong core as the work has to be done continuously to keep yourself stable on the board.
    • Balancing Technique – With time, you learn how to balance yourself on the surfboard and as quickly as possible. This not only teaches you balancing for this sport but also increases your balancing ability and resilience for other sports and activities.
    • More Elasticity – When you learn to balance on the board, you will eventually become flexible and more elastic and will have fewer incidents of injuries.
    • One item off the Bucket List – Well, if it is not in your bucket list, you sure would want to add it considering all the benefits surfing has to offer. It is certainly not an easy sport to learn and needs a lot of commitment and hard work. The best part is that it is all worth the effort you put in. What you may initially think is not your cup of tea, may later give you the most fulfilling experience of your life.
    • Great way to get away from everyday stress – While trying to balance yourself on the surfboard, what you are trying is to balance your personal and work life. When your mind is relaxed, it opens itself to new better ideas. This is what surfing does. It relaxes your mind, re-energizes you, connects you with nature, so you can forget everything else and start afresh.

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    Maintaining the Surfing Decorum

    Surfing is a pretty-straightforward sport and a recreational activity. But there are certain rules you need to follow to have a better overall experience. These are probably common sense but mentioned nevertheless so that you remember them even if you are a beginner and nervous –

    • Don’t paddle around a person who is already riding on the waves.
    • If someone is closest to the breaking wave, they need to be given way
    • Always follow the rules of right of way and respect the co-riders.
    • Well, there is no need to steal anyone’s waves and sharing the surf won’t hurt either.
    • On a patrolled beach, the surf riders cannot surf between the flags.
    • Always apologize for your mistakes whether they are big or small. Make sure everyone is safe and fine.