Yes!! It’s Possible To Reduce The Use Of Energy And Your Electricity Bill

    The solar water heating system works 24/7 throughout the year. The solar panel helps to meet the required energy in the summer season, in turn making the immersion heater or conventional boiler to do the job for you at the time of winter season. And also we can charge or store the electricity from the solar panel and use it whenever we want.

    Reduced Energy Bills

    A lot of energy is consumed to heat the water; a survey says 18 percentage of the energy in every home is being utilized for the water heating. The energy absorbed from the sun is directly used to heat the water in a stored container. Energy from the sun doesn’t cost much thus directly or indirectly reduces the electricity bill drastically.

    Utility charges often increase. They hardly diminish, but tenants can restrict their use of water and electricity to reduce their occupancy cost. If you own a property in Texas, you can find the best electricity company by comparing hundreds of providers and choosing the one with the best rates.

    Reduced Energy Bills

    Lower Carbon Footprint

    Many households use fossil fuel and biogas for cooking and water heating. This emits the carbon dioxide and carbon mono-oxide which are not healthy for the atmosphere. Meanwhile, the solar-based hot water system is green and renewable hence it does not emit carbon dioxide.

    Companies like eurosun solar hot water systems provide two types of systems for consumers. It offers Active Systems and Passive systems for the users to choose accordingly as per their stipulations.

    Active Systems

    An active system comes with the two circulatory sections one is direct circulation section and the other is indirect circulation section. Direct circulation system holds water through the collectors. The automatic controllers sense the sunlight and work accordingly.

    Indirect circulation system transfers water through the heat transfer fluid, which doesn’t freeze. Then it sends through the heat exchanger and collector. This works in all kind of temperature in multiple heating applications. And of course, the circulation direct systems are pretty expensive.


    Passive Systems

    Just like active systems passive system also has two types, Integral collector-storage passive system, and thermosyphon system. The integral collector-storage passive system has a solar collection unit, storage tank, and pipes. The pipe pumps the cold water into a solar collector. This perfectly suits any home who needs hot water in day and evening because it doesn’t work in the freezing temperatures.

    Thermosyphon system works based on the principle of osmosis, cold water sinking and hot water rising. A storage collector is filled with warm water which is more reliable. The downside of the storage tank will be a challenging work for the contractors. This system is considerably more expensive than the Integral collector-storage passive system.

    The panels and the storage containers are available in different sizes in order to meet people’s requirements to occupy less space, have an efficient system with an economic investment and all these incur low maintenance over a longer period of time, these are the added advantage on having a solar heater. In the rising temperature of the earth’s atmosphere, having the solar water heaters in the household decreases the carbon footprint and adds up a healthy living.