Reliable Methods to Monitor Online Examinations

    There are different methods to conduct online examinations in an effective manner. The first thing that comes to the mind of organizers when it comes to online exams is how they will conduct a fair examination without leaving any scope for manipulation. As the invigilators will not have direct access to all the candidates in one place like a traditional examination, it can be difficult to conduct online exams without any loopholes.


    However, by choosing a reliable proctoring solution from top companies, you can effectively conduct exams in a fair and transparent manner. This is already proved as such companies use the best quality software to handle various students at once. You will be able to conduct exams simultaneously for all the students. This process is even being used by some top companies across the world to conduct online interviews for their hiring process. You can also choose such methods and get the best results with your online exams. 


    The service provider will give you different options to monitor the online exams. Even though each one has its own benefits, you need to understand all of them and select the best method suited for your requirement. The process for each type of monitoring activity differs by a huge margin, and the resources and manpower required for them are also not the same. In this regard, you can discuss a suitable method with the service providers and come to a conclusion.


    Live monitoring solutions


    In simple terms, live monitoring systems will have an invigilator monitor the students during the online exams. As the students will use webcams during the exams, the invigilators can see the students and even interact with them through the chat window. Now let us understand why this method is needed and how it can benefit the online exams.


    When it comes to conducting the online exams in a fair manner, you have to ensure that students do not use any loopholes in the system to manipulate the exam results. For this purpose, you have to understand in what ways students try to cheat during online exams. The most common trick is to use another candidate who is an expert in that subject to take the exam on behalf of the original candidate. This can be easily overcome when you have a live monitoring system. Now, let us check the several advantages of this system.


    You can completely rely on this system, as this is the same as conducting examinations at centers. The invigilator can directly see the candidate, and if there is any suspicious activity, they can immediately inform the authorities and even notify the candidate about the same. The invigilator can interact with the students through the chat window and ask them about the suspicious activities. One single invigilator can monitor several candidates in this manner through the invigilator dashboard.


    Auto monitoring solutions


    While the live monitoring option looks very convenient, it has some drawbacks. That method is not possible when you want to conduct examinations on a large scale and have many students for one invigilator. Apart from that, the invigilator can only physically monitor the students, and they will not be able to assess other modes used by the candidates to cheat during the exams.


    For this reason, you need the assistance of auto-monitoring systems that use sophisticated software using AI to monitor the activities of the students. With the help of such software, you can easily monitor the browsing activities of the candidates along with the internet consumption on the computer of the candidates. This can give a fair idea about what resources students are using during the online exams. Access to other browsers apart from the online exam will be blocked during the session.


    The auto-monitoring system can even detect if the candidate is not in the seat. It will alert the authorities immediately when such suspicious activities are noticed during the online exam. This can be used to conduct interviews and exams on a large scale, and there is no limit to the number of students who can take online exams with this system.


    Recorded monitoring solutions


    The online exams can be easily analyzed later when you have a recorded video of the exam. This will be beneficial for the invigilators and the organizers to assess if any malpractice was done during the exams. Such remote proctoring methods are highly beneficial for conducting online exams on a large scale.


    This method is beneficial when you do not have enough resources to conduct online exams. During this process, you do not need the assistance of an invigilator in real-time. The online exams are completed without any interference, and the entire event is recorded for later review. The invigilators later analyze the video and see if there is any suspicious activity during the examination.


    In this way, they also get to learn from the process, and they can use the results obtained through this recorded monitoring system to improve the process in the future. If they notice that there are some loopholes that are used by the students during the online exams, they can fix them in the future. However, it is not possible to provide results immediately after the exams in this system as the invigilators have to verify each video at a later stage and evaluate the students.


    These are some of the reliable methods for conducting online exams. You will be surprised to know that even large multinational companies use such methods for conducting online interviews, and they use such methods on a regular basis. You can discuss your requirements with the service providers and get complete information about how remote monitoring systems can benefit your online exams. The best part about such services is that they can be customized depending on your requirements. You can get the best value for your money with such online systems, as this means that you can complete the process with limited resources. Not only that, you can conduct online exams with better efficiency when you rely on such advanced monitoring systems.