Remain3K Makes Waves as a Designer

    The world of graphic design is incredibly competitive. For this reason, whenever a new graphic designer makes it on the scene, their work deserves to be recognized. That is exactly what has happened with Remain 3K. Also known by the name of Three King$, this is a graphic designer that comes along only once in a generation. In many ways, the world of graphic design bears a lot of similarities to the entertainment industry. It is important for everyone who is looking to make an entry into this field to have a brand. That is exactly what Remain 3K has done on his way to the top.

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    For the past eight years, Remain 3K has been creating original works of art on behalf of numerous artists. He hails from the Chicago area and then transitioned to Atlanta, where he felt there were more opportunities available. During his time in the industry, Remain 3K has created cover art for some of the biggest names in the business. A few examples include Migos, YFN Lucci, Yo Gotti, 21 Savage, and Blackbear. One of his signature features is the simplicity that accompanies many of his designs. Even though his designs tend to be straightforward and to the point, there is a sharp, visual aesthetic that accompanies all of his work. This sets him apart from the other names in the industry.

    In addition, he also combines photography with some of the major elements of graphic design to create a unique look that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. The key to becoming a great graphic designer is to capture both the feel and essence of the personality of the artist. That is exactly what Remain 3K has done. He is a graphic designer that has put his business together by taking some of the most famous artists in the world and expressing their personalities in a way that they could not on their own.

    As Remain 3K has grown, so has his work. His patience and determination in the face of adversity is something to be admired. The way he is able to mold his own craft in such a powerful way is enough to open anyone’s eyes. His portfolio is available and he has generated a large social media following. In the words of Remain 3K, he wants his work to stand out from the crowd. This includes prior works as well as works that will be created in the future. In order to make this happen, he continues to refine his aesthetic look to set a new standard in the industry. Regardless of whether someone is looking for cover art, a logo, or even a flyer, the art of Remain 3K will be apparent the instant someone lays eyes on it. It will be interesting to see how his future unfolds