Review Wave Founder Shares How To Increase Your Patients Every Year By Using The Top Reputation Management And Review Marketing Platform

Nowadays, people have more options to choose from than ever before. As an entrepreneur, it is an indicator of how competitive the business landscape has become. Among the best ways to stand out from the competition is to leverage online reviews.

Online reviews are the virtual form of word-of-mouth marketing. Positive online reviews from your patients can serve as a form of promotional material. Consumers trust online reviews in the same way they trust personal recommendations from their friends. Researchers found out that 72% of people will trust a brand because of positive reviews, and 31% of consumers will buy more from brands with excellent reviews.

Review Wave funder Matt Prados said that healthcare providers who want to compete in the online landscape know too well that reputation does matter for their business. Matt is the founder of the multi-million-dollar software company, Review Wave. His company offers the leading platform on reputation management and review marketing.

Importance Of Patient Experience 

Matt started his entrepreneurship journey by establishing a digital marketing company that offers digital marketing strategies to chiropractors like AdWords, Facebook ads, and conversion optimization.

“We want to know what made our clients do better with their digital marketing. That is why we asked them about it. We discovered that the common denominator among them reviews,” Matt noted. His team urged their clients to get more reviews and started coaching them to boost their reviews. When the results came, Matt saw something puzzling about it. Clients who were already doing well in reviews got slightly better, while those who did not have any reviews continue to struggle to get one. He realized that data was showing there was a problem.

“I thought that automating the feedback request could solve the problem,” Matt said. His team developed the first version of their software on feedback process automation. At the same time, his second multi-million-dollar company, Review Wave, will soon dominate the software industry.  

“The initial software version replaces the staff and the confrontation part with the patient with email and texting,” Matt explained. Everybody got results due to automation.  Once again, they discovered that the results were vastly different. Clients who were already getting good reviews got way more reviews, while those who already have fewer reviews only got a limited number of reviews. The results baffled Matt for quite some time.

“We realized that the results told me that not all patients are happy at their doctor’s office. We were determined to find the root cause of the disparity,” Matt said. He added that the deep dive into the negative feedback to know what people are saying and why they are unhappy. In due time, the answer became evident. It is all about the patient experience.

Matt found out that patient experience is the most significant driver of reviews. He now focused his effort on streamlining specific business processes of healthcare professionals so people will have a better healthcare experience. They start adding various features that provide convenience to patients. “We added mobile apps for the patients, allowing them to book a schedule online,” he said..

The Review Wave’s Software

Matt said that Review Wave’s software provides different features that offer convenience to patients. Through the software, his team wants to help doctors and health professionals to create a good impression and make people feel good.

“We all have a good and bad experience with our doctors. Some of us might not have great experience with a great doctor. We are here to help those doctors who are truly at the top of their field to create a better patient experience,” Matt explained. 

Matt pointed out that each part of their software is not another version of something existing in the market. “We created the best version that any healthcare practitioner could get,” he added. Review Wave’s online scheduling app makes it easy for new patients to book an appointment. That is why it is among the most popular apps. Existing patients can use the app to book or reschedule follow-up appointments. Patients can also fill out forms online before they visit the clinic for their first appointment.

“We crafted our software around the concept of convenience. That is why we made it super easy to use and kept the interface clean. People are seeing their doctor more often because it is so easy to schedule appointments. Those are the little things that help improve people’s lives,” Matt said.

Boosting Patient Acquisition

Matt shared that their software helped chiropractors, doctors, dentists, and other healthcare professionals get good reviews and acquire hundreds of new patients every year.  For the first time in their career, many health providers started gaining new patients from the Internet because of their positive reputation. He estimates that, on average, their clients are acquiring at least 100 new patients every year. In some instances, he said that some clients even canceled other marketing programs and only used our platform for their marketing efforts.

Matt shared a client’s success story. He narrated that they have a recent client who is now reaping the benefits of the software. Previously, the client utilized marketing programs that brought him an average of 280 new patients every year. But when he started using Review Wave in 2019, things got better. The client acquired 307 new patients in the first year and 400 new patients in the following year with no external marketing.

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