Samsung Biologics’ Innovative Virtual Exhibition Hall Impresses Industry

    Samsung Biologics’ creativity and ingenuity in the digital landscape impressed both biotech and marketing industry leaders at this year’s Digital Pharma Innovation Week. The company was a finalist in three categories for the Fierce Pharma Marketing Awards, subsequently winning first place in the Best Digital Campaign category for its Virtual Exhibition Hall experience.

    Initially introduced at the BIO International Convention, the Samsung Biologics Virtual Exhibition Hall offers a look into Samsung Biologics, allowing guests to explore the CDO, CMO and CRO capabilities of the company. Users could navigate the spaces on any device and from anywhere in the world.

    James Choi, Samsung Biologics’ Senior Vice President of Global Information & Marketing, emphasized that even before COVID-19, the company had already been exploring ways to connect with global clients and shareholders in a more digital way.

    The company has been pushing digitalization in all areas of its organization, creating new tech to improve its portfolio and expand its customer base for long-term growth. The agile changeover to the cutting-edge VR site is right in line with Samsung Biologics’ approach to innovative problem-solving. The company has grown as a CDMO for pharmaceuticals because of this commitment to serving its clients and facilitating those relationships in every way possible. From integrated systems to large webinars, Samsung Biologics has already proven capable of a quick response to COVID-era challenges.