Save Time, Money and Effort with an ROI Calculator for Measuring Corporate Learning

If programs are seeing a low ROI, it could mean that (1) their employees are not benefitting as much as much as programs think they are, or (2) programs are spending more than they should. Therefore, how can Learning & Development professionals boost their ROI? In simple terms, a high L&D ROI percentage means that the program’s benefits outweigh the costs spent to create them. There are five main ways that L&D professionals can boost their ROI. First, professionals can maximize their results by focusing on the upper levels of the Kirkpatrick Model. They can do so by delivering different learning mechanisms, such as utilizing tools that learners already use (i.e., cell phones) and administering shorter training sessions. Second, companies can similarly take advantage of learners’ access to mobile devices to implement digital training. Third, professionals should monitor their metrics to demonstrate that they’re achieving the most out of their strategic value. Fourth, professionals are encouraged to share their metrics widely so that more people see the impact of learning and development. Finally, organizations can shift to more of a “continuous learning” model by reviewing key metrics every month and make adjustments to programs as needed. 

The Arist ROI calculator can help you effectively create and measure corporate learning. Arist is a science-backed microlearning platform designed to save learners time, money and energy on course creation and delivery.

Measuring the ROI of corporate learning
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