Saving Advice

    It’s important to save as much as possible when a person first comes in contact with money. Over time, the savings account will grow and one will be able to pay for more things. Of course, college is very expensive for many people. Ken Kurson had to save a lot of money before attending his dream college. That is why saving when you’re young is so critical. 

    When a person puts away money when they first start a job, it can be hard. There are so many bills adults have to pay that is usually not explained in high school or college. For example, car insurance, car loans, health insurance, rent/mortgage, and groceries. Most people get out of college with so many loans and they only make enough money to pay the bills. It can be very frustrating and challenging to save during such a time. 

    However, with the right mindset, anything is possible. Putting away what a person can even in life’s toughest moments pay off. Ken Kurson believes that even saying ten dollars a day is a great accomplishment. There needs to be more education on the subject so students are more prepared to face any hardships that came their way.