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Sawyer Winston Talks About San Diego Reactivating The Economy Due To COVID-19
As the COVID-19 pandemic stretches on, the economic impacts are also more drawn on. Many businesses that have been holding on or just making ends meet are bracing for a new wave of strain, as resources tighten in the coming months.
In San Diego, recent research tells us that about 176,000 workers were left unemployed in the first six months of the pandemic, which led to $4.8 billion in lost wages. To talk about restarting San Diego’s economy, we wanted to bring in a local entrepreneur, to share his insight.
I’ve watched serial entrepreneur Sawyer Winston make some impressive moves over the years, but this entrepreneur mostly flies under-the-radar. As an innovator who loves to problem solve, I wanted to see what Sawyer Winston has to say about reactivating San Diego’s economy in the wake of COVID-19.

Sawyer, you like to be pretty low key, but tell us a little about your background.

I guess you could say I really love to build things, to create systems and solve problems. I’ve owned or managed several companies over the years, I’m definitely an entrepreneur at heart and I’ve been interested in the world of business since I was young.

I’m not sure what drew me to business at first, but I’ve always loved the idea of putting pieces together, to make something much bigger and more effective than the sum of its parts.

Can you dive into your business experience?

I’ve definitely taken some pretty significant risks, and I’m willing to do that if I believe in the idea enough. When I was in college I was involved with my largest business to date, which involved internet services.

That company grew fairly sizable, and was taking on a ton of work. That experience taught me the importance of discipline, because of the amount of work we were doing.

But even with my biggest ventures, I’m always aiming to do real good for the people working with me, and the people around us. That’s always my goal.

What are you involved with these days?

I’ve actually started to shift gears, and am now focusing on real estate. I have some pretty big goals in mind, but basically I’m looking to help invigorate communities that are suffering economic hardships, places where there isn’t a lot of business or the economy is run down.

Again, I love to solve problems and I definitely go after some really big ideas. So this undertaking is pretty sizable, I would say. But it’s something I’m really excited about.



What do you think about the state of the San Diego economy due to COVID-19?

Obviously the pandemic has been rough on all economies, not just San Diego. But we know that the regional economy will probably lose around $12 billion due to the pandemic, which is a contraction of 4.7% when compared to 2019.

It’s also important to note that certain industries and demographics of people are being hit the hardest. The tourism industry is taking a huge hit, as is the retail sector, and females, minorities, and lower-income workers are the ones seeing the brunt of the impacts.

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How can San Diego work to reactivate the economy?

Well firstly, there are some regional resources out there, for entrepreneurs and business owners, big and small. I think taking advantage of those resources can definitely be a huge help. And if you’re looking to start a business or startup right now, San Diego is definitely one of the cities to look at since it’s considered the new startup destination.