See How to Get More Views on Your YouTube Videos Here

    Don’t feel down if your YouTube videos are not getting the views you think they deserve. Of course it’s disappointing, but it doesn’t usually mean the content is not worth looking at. Most times it just means that not enough people know your content exists. Here are some handy tips to help overcome this and boost those viewing figures. Find out how to get more views on your YouTube videos at Social Media Daily too.

    Make your videos findable

    That means giving each one a great title, which should clearly tell the reader what the topic is and if possible include a naturally positioned keyword. Include relevant tags and a good description, one which is short, clear, well written with no mistakes. This boosts your chances of appearing in search results.

    Keep the thumbnail visual clear

    Images used here should be easy to see, read or look at. The images and/or text should also reflect the content of the video.

    Add a transcript

    Closed captions are good for people with certain disabilities, and those watching who need language support.

    Always produce great content

    The best watched videos fill a role. They usually either entertain, make people laugh, generate emotions, or educate. Know what you plan to do and deliver it 100%. Quality content when viewed is more likely to be shared or recommended, and therefore naturally get more traffic.

    Be aware of new trends and viral issues

    Making the most of hot topics is a great way to grab some extra attention from a readymade market. This can be used to piggyback on news, politics, fashion, sport, TV shows, movies or pretty much any topic that catches the public’s attention.

    Connect to relevant influencers

    There are lots of bloggers, Vloggers and social media figures who are just ordinary people, considered experts in various fields. If you can create a relationship with some of them they can help promote your channel to a huge and relevant audience.

    Maximise the end section of your video

    Creating an end screen where you can post key information on you, your channel and links to a blog or other website you have is a great way to boost views. [The end-screen option can be found in the video manager section of the site.]

    Organise your content

    Playlists make it easy for viewers to enjoy more of your content than they may have watched otherwise – why miss out on that? Do make sure that they are well curated though, keeping similar themes together and so on.

    Be an active and useful YouTube member

    While you are soliciting likes so are many others. By getting involved with other uploaders, watching and liking other videos and commenting positively on them you build connections which are invaluable.

    Cross link between social media platforms

    If you are also active on sites like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram it’s easy to post links to your videos there. Make the effort to write a post too though, and chose the right videos for the right site and moment.