Selecting and Sourcing Components Made Easy

When it comes to what we use every day, we don’t usually think about their components. The coffee machine we use to make our morning coffee consists of about 45 parts while the dryer we use when we do our laundry consists of about 125 parts. The cars that take us where we want to go are composed of more than 30,000 parts. These products we use in our daily lives are made by industrial designers and engineers who spend thousands of hours working on them, but selecting and sourcing even a single part can be a difficult challenge. 

Everyday products are usually a blend of parts manufacturers have to make and buy, so engineers have to find the parts they need from suppliers as they are designing. This process comes with a few options, one of them is redrawing the components made by supplier manufacturers. Other ways include sourcing component data directly from the manufacturer, searching for a crowd-sourced design resource, or downloading source design files on demand from the manufacturer. However, all of these ways typically have slow turnaround and revision time while being limited in either the selection of products or brands engineers can choose from. 

Instead, the best option is to download from a component search engine as they have a larger selection of brands and products, manufacturer-certified product data, up-to-date information, and instant turnaround as well as revision times. With the help of a component search engine, engineers can spend less time looking for component details and more time working on building the best products.

Deconstructing the Things We Use Every Day: How Engineers Find, Source, and Design Components