How To Select The Right Chocolate Diamonds?

    There is no doubt that if you love diamonds then you will not be able to ignore brown diamonds. This is because they come in different colors and shades and the prices are also affordable to say the least. But at the end of the day, diamonds are diamonds. Therefore the onus lies on the customers to gather as much information and knowledge and then start making the next move. Here are a few things which could be of help for those who are planning to buy brown diamonds in general and chocolate diamonds in particular. We believe that it will help our readers to make an informed and knowledgeable decision as far as these diamonds are concerned.

    Chocolate Diamonds

    Prices Of These Diamonds

    For many decades there was a general perception and perhaps even truth that brown diamonds were considered suitable only for industrial use. The diamond market was pretty old fashioned and new changes were difficult to bring about. Hence, the focus for most of the customers was always on colorless diamonds and the brown diamonds were often considered ugly and therefore out of bound. This led to them being considered as low quality diamonds. However, some synthetic variants were made and they were made available at very low prices and were used by those who could not afford high quality colorless or white diamonds.

    But things have not remained static and have changed. As the fashion industry moved from one level to another people were ready to try different things out and were ready to break from the monotony of white or colorless engagement rings. This led to increased demand for colored diamonds but the process happened slowly and it took some time. The trend was set by famous personalities and it was only a matter of time before others followed including the customers by the thousands. The demand increased by leaps and bounds and this resulted in the price of chocolate diamonds going up by many times over the past two decades. However, because of their color and hue, these brown diamonds were considered late bloomers and their price continued to remain affordable even not so many years ago.

    They Are Diamonds

    These are very much diamonds but when compared to other hues and shades of colored diamonds,  brown diamond are considered to be common and this could perhaps explain the comparatively low price in which they are available. Along with yellow diamonds they are not very expensive and you could also include black diamonds in this list. When you compare the prices of brown diamonds with the colorless or white ones, you can be sure about one thing. For the price of one carat of quality white or colorless diamond you will get two 1 carat brown diamonds. While the price of brown diamonds start from $2500 the whites and colorless are available at a starting price of $4000. $1500 is certainly big money and anybody would like to save it and use it for some other productive purposes.

    Right Chocolate Diamonds

    How Is The Price Determined

    The price of brown diamond is determined by the grading to which it belongs. This grading is done by GIA and this is an old and time tested way of grading of diamonds. It usually takes into account the four Cs as far as diamonds are concerned. They are other cut, color, clarity and carat. All the above four attributes are supposed to live in equilibrium and not one in inferior or superior to another. While some may talk about importance of carat or cut, at the end of the day unless all the above four Cs are in right mix one cannot expect that he or she has the right information about the quality of the diamond.

    Color Is Important

    However, when you are buying colored diamonds in general and brown diamonds in particular, you would do better to pay attention more to color and therefore amongst the four Cs, color is without any doubt the most important. Hence, if you do your research and then buy the chocolate colored diamond you will be very happy and contended to say the least. It will take time to select the right diamond but so be it.