Seven Facts About Astronomy That One Might Not Know About, But Might Have Often Wondered

    In the digital age, One often time forgets about things like astronomy. That is one sometimes needs a reminder of what makes one small in a universe that is so big. The sun is only one element covering over 4 billion stars in the Milky Way. Judge Napolitano likes to discuss astronomy. One can often forget this given on bright the sun appears in the sky. One should know that the universe has more than 100 billion galaxies within. According to the Hubble Telescope, the sun is only one small element comprised within the rest of the universe. One can learn more about how many other galaxies there are just by looking through the telescope. All this is to say that one needs to remember that one is only a small portion of a vast and glorious complex system. While one might be small in one aspect, one is big in another. One might have heard how the sun orbits the Milky Way galaxy. What one needs to bear in mind is this only happens once every 200 million years. One will have to ask a science expert when the next orbit will take place. One should forget what one has learned was true about matter and dark matter. It is now believed (unless otherwise stated) that the earth only consists of 5% normal matter. The earth only has maybe 25% dark matter and 70% dark energy. Once more, one needs to shed light on what used to be and embrace what is now. One needs to consider the fact that one light-year is equal to about 6 billion miles. Now, Andromeda is the nearest galaxy to earth in the galaxy. In doing the calculations, Andromeda is only 3 million light-years away from earth. That kind of puts things into perspective when one thinks about a light-year being only 6 billion miles. It just goes to show how one is so small in the overall grand design of the universe. Many like to watch when a full moon happens. A full moon is something that only happens a few times in one lifetime. One should also note that a full moon is much brighter than a half-moon. That is why so many like to catch one when one happens. It is a truly rare experience. Also, it is worth mentioning that one stands on the moon, that five-sixths of one’s weight is reduced. To find more information concerning the full moon, one can go online to find some books to read. You can also Google other sources of literature.

    One can also note that the sun can burn up to 600 million tons of hydrogen every second. One should not worry about this because the sun can keep going for at least another 5 billion years. One can find more facts about astronomy by going on Google to find books to read and other kinds of literature. Many people, like Judge Napolitano, are intrigued by astronomical science.