All About Sex Obsession Or Addiction

Addiction to sex means the excessive craving for the sex to the extent of negatively impacting one’s personal and professional life. However, few other types of research indicate a clear behavioral change that becomes worse with time and is similar to that of chemical addiction.

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Reasons For Sexual Addiction

  • There is no particular clarity on why some people are obsessive about sex. We can only guess it to be some kind of biochemical abnormality or changes in the functioning of the brain. There is, however, proof that antidepressants and some psychotropic medications are helpful and yield good results in treating people with this disorder which is an indicator that this is a disorder of the brain. Sex counselling may also help to a certain extent.
  • While the brain is something that is still under the researcher’s scanner, there are studies to hint that food, drugs, and interest in sexual pleasures are directly linked to the area of the brain that does the rational thinking and perception.
  • The sex addict believes that unlawful sex is not ‘unlawful’ but something good in the same manner as one would think any kind of food to be good when they are famished. When the same thing is thought over and again, the brain of an addict believes it as a routine and is passionate only about sex.
  • It is not true that sex addicts only think about sex the whole day and have no other jobs to do. These could be people who are otherwise living a normal life. They could be the most intelligent, popular, focused and successful people. A successful parent, or businessperson or a doctor or just anyone can get influenced by drugs and sex. They can try to find out ways to have sex, make plans that can be even dangerous. You may wonder how this can be possible, but the biochemical model explains this phenomenon.
  • Sex addicts get an exhilarating feeling and feel more important about themselves through this experience. For them, sex is not about emotional involvement with the partner, but just an experience that gives them extreme pleasure and forgets all the stress they have because of external or internal factors. These are mostly people who have some problems in their regular life or do not have a good interpersonal relationship, have trouble at the workplace or feel lonely. Certain people do feel guilty about their behavior and try to change themselves, but they are unable to do so.
  • According to research, sex addicts also come from couples which are in long distance relationships. They uses different sex toys even the best app controlled vibrator to enjoy their intimate moment with their partner.

Porn Addiction Vs. Sex Addiction

Sometimes, porn addiction is confused with sex addiction, and both are mixed up. This is not true. Sex addiction is in itself a bigger term, and porn addiction is only a type of sex addiction, which can lead to different problems that caused by other types of sex addiction. Porn addiction is not yet an official diagnosis in the DSM-5. It can still lead to serious consequences, shame, unhappiness, and stress and can hamper with the normal life.

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Different Categories Of Sexual Enslavement

There is no comprehensive list. However, a few activities that can be categorized under sex addiction are –

  • Addiction to pornographic content.
  • Excessive interest in fantasy or masturbation.
  • Pervert or sadist person.
  • Voyeurism or getting pleasure in seeing another person’s private parts.
  • Excessive sexual desires to dangerous levels.

How To Identify Sexual Addiction?

A person addicted to sex can exhibit certain distinct characteristics which could be physical or emotional. It is important to know how to know a sex addict and the crippling effects this disorder can have on them as well as others.

Emotional Syndromes

Emotional symptoms can be demanding and exhausting. As per multiple types of research, if you are a sex addict chances are you become close to people physically or emotionally even when you do not know them well. Fear of non-acceptance and lack of love is something they are scared of, and this insecurity can lead them to stay in multiple relationships on and off. They may feel incomplete and without any purpose when alone. It is possible they can find some relief from their guilt, loneliness, and anxiety with sex.

Physical Syndromes

There could be many side effects of a physical relationship with multiple partners. There might even be some negative impact of being a porn addict. The most common and dangerous symptom that you will see is that the sex addict will feel tied up because of the physical, emotional and sexual phobia.