Signs That You Are Suffering From A Substance Abuse Issue

    Substance abuse is something that people of all walks of life encounter in one way or another. The tough part about substance abuse is that it often isolates you from the people you care about the most. Substance abuse can lead to you rock bottom in a far worse way than you could imagine. Addiction can cost you your family and lead you to do things that you wouldn’t have done if sober. The following are signs that you are suffering from a substance abuse issue. 

    Money Issues Due To Your Addiction

    Financial issues can be tough to deal with when you are deep in addiction. Alcohol is something that is relatively cheap when compared to other illegal drugs. Most people can feed an alcohol addiction with a few dollars a day if they are buying the cheapest liquor possible. Other drugs are more expensive and addiction can come out of being prescribed something for pain. Unfortunately, the opiate epidemic caused a number of people to lose their lives that never had issues with addiction in the past. 

    An Arrest Can Lead To You Getting Help

    Getting arrested can be a wakeup call that can lead you to get the help that you need. Most people cannot overcome their addiction by themselves. Professional help is needed in a majority of cases in order to address the underlying reasons for your substance abuse. A marijuana defense attorney or one that specializes in drug offenses is who you should enlist to help you through the legal process. Getting into a pre-trial diversion program can allow you to keep your record clean while getting the help you need. You want an attorney that has a relationship with prosecutors and others in the area. 

    Problems With Your Significant Other 

    Problems with your significant other arise due to financial issues or time you are spending outside of the home. Most people try to hide their addictions as it is something that they are ashamed of. Most addicts hide their addiction as long as possible to avoid any uncomfortable conversations. Take time to assess whether your relationship problems were present before your substance abuse became an issue. Being honest with your significant other can allow you to start being held accountable for your addiction. Hiding this can cause more issues and lead you to dig yourself deeper in the bottomless hole that is addiction. 

    Your Family Is Starting To Notice

    Your family can be very helpful when it comes to addressing your substance abuse. You might not think that people notice but it is likely that they do. The last thing you want is to get bad enough to get some sort of intervention. Asking certain family members for help can be incredibly useful. Staying with family is something that you can do to help you stay sober as substance abuse can be a symptom of loneliness. 

    Substance abuse is easy to see if you are being honest with yourself and about your priorities.