Situations That Call For a Paternity DNA Test

    From what you have heard or observed, DNA tests seem to be complicated. Well, they are: explain why the results are not always instant. But the big question is, why and when do people go for DNA tests? All people looking take the test are usually all after one thing: peace of mind. Some of the reasons are purely out of curiosity and wanting answers that no one may be in a position to give, while others may be legally inclined. Below is a more in-depth insight on situations that may require for you to do the test.

    1. Custody and child support

    Child support arrangement can be quite something. Did you know that if a child is born while a couple is married, regardless of whether the man is the father or not he is still required to support? Now you know. Things can be a little complicated. However, when a child is conceived before a couple is married, a DNA test needs to be done before the child is granted support or custody is given to the father.

    If there is a chance that the man is suspicious about the paternity of the child, he is allowed to take the test in the presence of a third party, according to the law. It is only after confirming that he is the father that he can acknowledge that he is the father and sign the birth certificates.

    2. Inheritance

    Inheritance has been a sensitive issue for some time now. It is not new and can be traced back to ancient times. Sometimes an heir may be unknown to people. If they’re claiming for an inheritance, they might miss out on what is rightfully theirs. It is at such points that a DNA test is required. This is especially if there is no other person to clear doubts.

    Use DNA Weekly – Best DNA Testing Kits to put away such doubts and to ensure that everyone gets a fair share of the inheritance.

    3. Benefits

    It is not the first time you are coming across the term life insurance or social security. Such benefits are usually entitled to children if the parents get deceased. However, for the children to get access to these benefits, the court usually orders a DNA test as proof of paternity. The good thing about this process is that it saves the potential beneficiary the trouble of going on a hunt for all kinds of paperwork. It is straightforward.

    4. Adoption

    This is usually a very personal reason for doing the test. If someone is adopted, there is always a lingering desire to know your roots. This is an excellent example of a peace of mind geared DNA test. It is usually not for legal reasons, and the results are not submitted to a court of law.

    Immigration is yet another reason why people go for DNA tests. You do not have to submit DNA results at a court. If it is for personal reasons, you can always do it at home. For the best DNA tests work with CRI Genetics for the perfect estimation of your ancestry!