Smart Home Technology and the Smart Home Hub

    Checking the smartphone is usually a very frequent occurrence each day. On average, Americans are said to check their phones about eighty times every day. In other words, once every dozen minutes. People check their phones for a large variety of reasons, or for no reason at all. People send texts, check their bank accounts, get on social media, or just pull something up out of habit. The advancing technology of the smartphone has the potential to make our lives much easier and more organized.

    Besides social media or communications, today’s smartphones are able to start up your vehicle by remote control, turn your house lights on and off while you’re away, and even arm or disarm your home security system. If you have a smartphone, you have the ability to both simplify and automate the way you protect your home with smart home technology tasks from anywhere — from your car, from work, and even from a vacation. 

    You can tie all your smart home security right into your smartphone, giving you a central nexus from which to control the safety and maintenance of your home, whether it be a four bedroomer out in the suburbs or a condo in the city. 

    With your smartphone you can change your doorbell chimes. You can refigure your locks if you suspect they’ve been hacked. You can control security cameras, both inside and outside of your building. If your lawn needs watering, you can turn on your grass sprinklers using your smartphone. Your thermostat and lighting setting can all be controlled from your smartphone; and you can set them up on an automated timer as well. You are able to monitor heat detectors, carbon dioxide detectors, and even smoke detectors from your smartphone — and be alerted automatically if any of them are triggered.

    The secret to complete correlation and automation for your house or apartment is a smart home hub.

    With today’s internet and communications technology and algorithms, a complete connection between your smartphone and your smart home technology is completely doable. The key is to implement the smart home hub system, which will collect and then translate all the various messages from all your smart home devices. What this really means is that the data from each one of your devices converge inside smart home hubs for analysis, integration, and automated pre programmed action. Suddenly, your home monitoring is as easy as looking at your phone!