Why SourceFed is Partnering with Undetectable AI

Why SourceFed is Partnering with undetectable.ai

At SourceFed, we pride ourselves on being pioneers in creating online content and constantly exploring innovative ways to enhance our content. However, our journey towards integrating AI into our editorial process recently encountered a significant challenge.

Traffic Loss Related To AI-Generated Content

In December we faced an unexpected setback.

Several articles edited with the help of ChatGPT and reviewed by our human editors were published on our platform, with the belief that Google did not penalize AI content….

Initially, these pieces seemed perfect. However, we soon noticed a drastic decline in our website traffic, indicating it was a problem with the content.

After extensive research, our team decided to partner with Undetectable to use their AI detector, so that we could weed out bad content.

Content detected as AI

During our attempt to identify the issue, we discovered Undetectable AI, a software specializing in detecting and humanizing AI-generated content.

Their AI detector tool revealed that the articles in question were indeed coming up as AI-generated, a fact that had escaped our editorial team and that we did not consider necessary before.

Intrigued by this discovery, we specifically tried Undetectable AI’s AI Text Humanizer. The tool essentially rewrites and improves AI-generated content giving it a more natural humanlike touch.

We were impressed by its capabilities and we then initiated discussions with Undetectable after getting in touch.

Trial Results: AI Text Humanizer

After using the tool we noticed an increase and sustained growth of traffic, and we are fairly confident that humanizing the ChatGPT altered texts by Undetectable made a positive impact.

We also extensively tested the product and found that Undetectable’s claim to humanize ChatGPT-assisted content was accurate. To clarify, we also tried other tools, but they did not meet our standard

A Strategic Partnership

After having discussions, with the Undetectable AI team we have made the decision to establish a partnership, with them.

Our goal is to enhance the quality of our AI assisted articles at SourceFed by integrating their custom, AI Text Humanizer API into our workflow thereby ensuring that they meet our standards, and boosting our search engine visibility efforts.

Commitment to Transparency and Ethics

We believe in transparency and ethical online content. Therefore we are disclosing this partnership to our readers.

The integration, of Undetectable AI’s technology, is a step towards enhancing our user experience, visibility efforts and content quality.

Enhanced Reader and Search Engine Appeal

We are confident that the content refined through Undetectable AI’s Publisher API will not only be more engaging for our readers but also perform better in search engine rankings. Their technology ensures that our articles are both informative and resonant, without sound ChatGPT-ish, and aligning with our audience’s expectations.

Embracing Innovation

This partnership marks a new chapter for SourceFed

It represents our commitment to embracing cutting-edge technologies while maintaining the essence of high-quality journalism. We are excited about this collaboration and its potential to produce content that is both innovative and authentically human.

We invite you, our readers, to join us in this new era of AI tech. This partnership with Undetectable AI is a step towards a future where technology and human creativity combine to create content that is not only reliable but also deeply engaging. Stay tuned for more updates and continue to enjoy the trusted blogging and journalism you expect from SourceFed.

*Notice: our partnership includes paid API and the use of Undetectable AI; this article was not solely created in exchange for the use of their platform. As providers of articles of engaging online social content and the latest trends, we are genuinely proud to be among the first publishers announcing a partnership with this company*