SourceFed’s Favorite Music of 2015!

    Fact: There was a lot of music this year. Fact: We like music. Fact: The following list will show you our favorite albums from around the office. I included a playlist of songs as well, so you can check them out. Or don’t. I don’t care. It’s, like, whatever man.


    Dani Rosenberg: The only album I’ve really listened to in full and repeatedly is Adele’s 25. Pretty sure that’s a dead giveaway I’m a Spotify subscriber.

    Brett HoustonEvery Open Eye from Chvrches. Discovered this band this year and love all their stuff so far.

    Jonathan HolmanMeliora by Ghost. While Adele came really close, I don’t think I’ve spun any other record more this year because this album is a core-shattering rock jam. So much air guitar.

    Zack TaylorBack On Top by The Front Bottoms. The album is so much fun and the lyrics are instantly memorizable and subsequently screamable. A must listen for any fan of rock music.

    JD WaldvogelReturn To The Moon by El Vy. Not a day has passed that I haven’t listened to it since it’s release. Every track is awesome, and Matt Berninger‘s (from The National) singing and lyrics combined with Brent Knopf‘s (Ramona Falls/Menomena) musicianship is so fun.

    Bree Essrig: It’s a toss-up between Sound and Color by Alabama Shakes and Badlands by Halsey. Both albums are epic from start to finish. Both albums are helmed by soulful, badass women.

    Kristy PetherbridgeDopamine by BØRNS. It’s a really personal album for me lately, but the music is smooth/eclectic and I feel good feels when I listen to it. Also, he’s from Michigan and that’s awesome.

    And here’s a small playlist of our favorite songs as well, thrown together. What songs/albums do you agree with or think we missed? Comment below!