Struggles of a Freelance Writing Career

    Freelance writing is a desirable career for an endless amount of reasons, from working whenever and wherever you want, to having no cap on your income, to doing what you love.

    As a freelance writer, the world is yours. You can pitch publications like The New York Times or help businesses, like an automotive technology school in Jamaica, NY, with their content needs. There’s so much variety, freedom, and flexibility in the freelance writing world.

    However, just like any other profession, a freelance writing career comes with its fair amount of struggles…

    The competition

    While successful freelance writers tend to have many skills, a degree or other professional certificates aren’t required to become a freelance writer. All you need to become a writer is a computer and internet connection.

    As a result, the competition is fierce in the freelance writing world. Not only are you competing with other writers but other freelancers and digital marketing companies as well.

    You have to wear many hats if you want to succeed

    If you want to succeed as a freelance writer, then you have to wear the writing hat, the marketer hat, the sales hat, the boss hat, etc.

    As a freelance writer, you’re your own boss, and while that’s beneficial for many reasons, it also means your business is 100 percent relient on you, the deals you make, and the work you provide.

    Not having stability or a steady paycheck

    While this isn’t the case for every writer, many freelancers struggle with stability and not having a steady paycheck. Some of that has to deal with contracts ending and writers being lax on payments from clients. Other times, it has to deal with a writer having to hound a client for payment.

    At the same time, there’s no cap on how much a freelance writer can make.

    Like all writers… writer’s block

    No matter what type of writer you are, you will still deal with writer’s block from time to time. Freelance writers are no exception.

    Luckily, there are plenty of ways to defeat writer’s block.

    Separating work and home life

    Many freelancers struggle with work-life balance because they work from home. They deal with distractions, such as the TV, roommates, pets, etc. It’s hard to separate your work and home life when you do your work at home, and also when you can do your work whenever you want.

    That’s why it’s important to set boundaries as a freelance writer and tell others when you’re going to be working. You have to take your job seriously and treat it like a job, which means deadlines and a schedule are necessary.

    No benefits or PTO

    This is one of the biggest disadvantages of not working for a full-time employer. After all, not having benefits means you have to pay for them yourself… or not have them at all.

    Not only that but you don’t have paid time off. While many freelancers can technically work when they want and take vacation whenever they would like, if they don’t work, then they don’t get paid.

    All of the expenses of paying for your own benefits can really add up.

    Pitching new clients while making current ones happy

    Freelance writers have to log many hours if they want to make a comfortable living. Most freelancers never stop pitching new clients as a result.

    On top of pitching clients, however, they still have to make current ones happy with great work. This plays into wearing multiple hats as a freelance writer and it can lead to juggling and a lot of time and effort geared toward work.

    Not always working on what you’re passionate about

    While this isn’t the case for every writer, some freelancers write about topics they aren’t passionate about or simply don’t know much about. This is because many freelancers are trying to land their first clients and jump at the first bite.

    The good news is, over time, freelancers have a tendency to stick to a niche and write about what they’re passionate about.

    While there are many struggles freelance writers encounter, freelancing is still a fulfilling career and allows a lot of freedom and creativity, whether you write for a cleanroom construction in Franklin, OH or fitness marketing business in Iowa.