Successful Art Auctioneer: Ideas to Work as an Art Specialist

    If you want to become an art auctioneer, you have to become a specialist in the fine art and a perceptive businessperson. For an art aficionado, it is essential to work passionately in this field. You can’t fake anything in this field because only one scandal is enough to destroy you, such as sotheby’s rybolovlev scandal. You will need passion and love to handle aesthetic objects, such as paintings and ceramics to evaluate them in the marketplace. Here are some ways to become an art auctioneer:

    • Running a family business
    • Apprenticeship
    • Attending an auction school

    If you are interested in starting your auction house, here are some steps for your guidance:

    Degree in Art History

    You will need certain expertise to become a successful auctioneer. If you are new in this field without any experience or family background, you can attend a high school to get your art degree. This degree can help you in the current competitive market. After graduation and a doctorate in arts, you can work as an art expert. If you are interested in art auctions, you will need a degree in the history of arts. After getting this degree, you can work as an art appraiser after getting a certificate from art organizations.

    Auction School

    Keep it in mind that auction is different from selling things in an online store. Before becoming an auctioneer, you have to join an auction school to learn bid calling. In this school, you can learn new techniques for presentation and public speaking. Auction schools teach different tricks to students to work on a variety of auctions, such as estate, consignment, bankruptcy, and government auctions. In auction schools, you can learn appraisal, business, and marketing skills. Moreover, they will teach you how to deal with tax, legal and ethical issues.

    Attend Famous Art Auctions

    You can visit auctions and previews that are open and free for the public. The preview allows visitors to examine and handle the beautiful artworks. The staff of auction house discusses the provenance, value, rarity, and condition of artworks. In auctions, visitors sit on their chairs and bids for the unique pieces. The artwork is not available now for individual inspection. The auctioneers have to work a lot to make a catalog of art pieces.   


    After completing your majors in art, you have to work as an apprentice in a good auction house to learn this business. Art appraising is an essential skill to work in auction houses. By working in an art gallery or auction house, you can understand the market of this business. If you are an expert with conservation, it will be useful in evaluating the condition of objects.


    If you want a successful career in art auction houses, you have to become an expert. It is possible with specialization. You can become an expert in this field after acquiring a wealth of knowledge about aesthetics and art. Developing deep expertise in this field is essential. Actively attend art events where you can meet art experts and like-minded people.