Sunbeam Products and Others Face Pressure Cooker Lawsuits: Everything You Need to Know

    Pressure cookers are a convenient way to prepare meals quickly, but they come with inherent dangers. When the pressure builds up inside the cooker, it can explode, causing serious burns and injuries to anyone nearby. 

    In recent years, several pressure cooker manufacturers have faced lawsuits over their allegedly defective products. One such manufacturer is Sunbeam Products, which has been hit with a number of pressure cooker lawsuits.

    A 2021 National Law Review article points out that hundreds of Americans who have ongoing lawsuits regarding pressure cooker injuries have taken the necessary safety precautions. Unfortunately, in many cases, they were unaware of a malfunction in a critical safety feature until it was too late, leading to their injuries.

    Explosions and Lawsuits

    Pressure cookers work by heating liquid inside a sealed pot, creating steam that builds up pressure and cooks the food faster than traditional methods. However, if the pressure becomes too great, the cooker can explode, causing severe burns, cuts, and other injuries. 

    As per a blog article on Cookery Space, if the pressure cooker lid or the cooker itself hits someone’s head, it can result in severe brain injuries and a concussion. The impact can also cause the victim to lose consciousness and suffer from broken bones due to the fall.

    In cases where a pressure cooker accident results in serious injury or even death, victims and their families may seek legal recourse with the help of law firms specializing in personal injury cases. 

    For burn victims of a pressure cooker lawsuit, leaving the house and traveling to a law firm’s office may be difficult or even impossible due to their injuries. As a result, many law firms like TorHoerman Law, LLC now make use of technologies such as virtual consultations and online case management systems. 

    These tools enable clients to communicate with their lawyers from the comfort of their own homes and stay informed about the progress of their cases at all times.

    Sunbeam Products Faces Lawsuits

    Sunbeam Products, which is owned by Newell Brands, is one of the largest manufacturers of pressure cookers in the United States. The business has been sued several times recently for allegedly producing substandard goods. 

    According to court documents, some of Sunbeam’s pressure cookers have a design flaw that can cause the lid to open unexpectedly during cooking, leading to serious burns and injuries.

    An AboutLawsuits update from September 2022 reports that Sunbeam is currently dealing with a product liability lawsuit due to issues with its Crock-Pot safety features. According to the lawsuit, a Texas lady sustained serious burns when the electronic pressure cooker’s cover was lifted while the contents were still cooking.

    Other Lawsuits

    Sunbeam Products is not the only pressure cooker manufacturer to face lawsuits. In recent years, other companies such as Instant Pot and Tristar Products have also been hit with pressure cooker lawsuits.

    The Lawsuit Information Center reports that the lawsuits against Tristar are of significant gravity, as they assert that TriStar was well aware of the problems with its Power Pressure Cooker, including the hazardous design flaws that could result in the ejection of boiling liquids. 

    What are Your Options?

    If you have a pressure cooker, it is critical that you carefully follow the directions provided by the manufacturer and use the cooker properly. This involves making certain that the cooker is correctly sealed, not overloading it with food or fluids, and safely releasing the pressure when cooking is finished.

    If you were hurt by a pressure cooker, you might be entitled to bring a lawsuit against the manufacturer for compensation for your injuries, medical fees, and other losses. To establish your legal alternatives and preserve your rights, you should speak with an expert personal injury lawyer.


    The prevalence of pressure cooker lawsuits against manufacturers should serve as a reminder that the safety of consumers should always be a top priority. With the advancement of technology, personal injury lawyers have been able to adapt to provide virtual consultations, which makes it easier for burn victims to access legal services. 

    However, it is ultimately up to the manufacturers to prioritize the safety of their products and ensure that they meet the necessary standards to avoid dangerous malfunctions. It is crucial for consumers to carefully follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer and take necessary precautions while using pressure cookers. 

    Overall, the increasing number of pressure cooker lawsuits should serve as a wake-up call for manufacturers to prioritize the safety of their consumers.