Taco Meat: How to Use It

    When someone says “taco meat” of course the first thing you think of is a taco. Whether you’re a hard taco person or a soft taco person, the one thing they have in common is the taco meat. The delicious, flavorful, sometimes spicy taco meat. It’s the show shopper of all things tacos that seems to be paired so well with any toppings your heart desires. The few main ingredients you’ll find in taco meat are cumin, chili powder, garlic, salt and pepper, oregano, and maybe some red crushed pepper flakes. 

    The best part about taco meat is that when it’s made, there’s usually a ton of it. In some cases, this is great if you’re feeding a crowd. However, for a small family meal, you may find yourself with a ton of leftovers. Even though tacos are very much loved, we still might want to mix it up when it comes to the leftovers. So, you may be asking yourself what else can you make with taco meat? How can you use it? Don’t stress because we have some must-try taco meat recipes that are great for leftover taco meat or if you simply want to try something else.  


    One of the best ways to use taco meat is to make enchiladas. Enchiladas are known as the cousin of the taco and the burrito. It’s a perfectly rolled tortilla filled with taco meat and cheese. It’s smaller than a burrito but bigger than a taquito. And let’s not forget it’s smothered in a delicious, tangy Mexican sauce. Enchiladas are perfectly paired with rice and beans. If you’re worried about the sauce being too overpowering and it taking away from the taco meat flavor, then think twice. The enchilada sauce and taco meat make the perfect duo.  


    No, we’re not talking about your traditional Italian lasagna. We’re talking about the ultimate Mexican lasagna. If you haven’t tried one before, then you’re missing out! A true Mexican lasagna is a masterpiece. It’s layered tortillas with cheese, taco meat, and enchilada sauce in between. Some recipes call for sour cream in the mixture as well. The best part of a taco meat lasagna is that you can’t go wrong. You can put beans, rice, or extra cheese in between the layers. Just like an Italian lasagna, Mexican lasagna can be made ahead and re-heated at the time you need it. 


    When you’re craving taco’s but looking for a lighter alternative, consider making a salad out with the taco meat. You can still top it with all your favorite taco toppings such as cheese, sour cream, beans, tomatoes, guacamole and more but you can feel healthier by choosing lettuce as the base rather than a tortilla. Don’t think that just because you’re going with a salad that it won’t taste as good. Anyone who has made a taco salad before will tell you how amazing a taco salad can be. The taco meat is the perfect addition to spice up the bland romaine lettuce. Trust us on this one! 

    Luckily, with taco meat the options are endless. You can make just about anything with taco meat- quesadillas, soup, stuffed shells, Mexican pasta, casseroles and so much more! The most important part about making these meals is to make sure you have perfected your taco meat recipe. Considering finding a make-at-home taco meat recipe that incorporates all the important ingredients and doesn’t skimp out on the techniques. You don’t want to overcook or burn your taco meet. The goal is to pack a punch of flavor into the meat for an irresistible taste.