Homes are being built across the country in various areas. Landing a contract where your company is responsible for building dozens or hundreds of homes can change the trajectory of a business. These projects can be immensely profitable and allow a construction company to expand. Being able to rely on a certain amount of income monthly reduces the need to land new contracts constantly. The reputation of a company can improve during this process as well. Each home needs to be quality and finished within a certain period of time. The following are tips for project managers that are taking on large residential home build projects. 

Commercial Fuel Delivery 

Large projects are likely to take months or even years depending on the size of the project. This means that you need jobsite heating during this time. Happy contractors do higher quality work than those that are constantly fighting the elements. Commercial fuel delivery can be a huge help during this time as it will not take the time of any workers on the site. Finding a commercial propane delivery service can allow propane to be delivered regularly. Employees will truly appreciate this especially in very cold climates where it is difficult enough to work. 

Subcontractors Need to be Experienced 

A large project is not the time to try another contractor that you haven’t used before. Experienced contractors can give accurate dates on when a project will be completed. Finding the best affordable flooring expert can allow a company to save money during the build. The subcontractors need to be background checked and insured. Nothing can derail a project like a large lawsuit due to an injury incurred during the building of a home. Most home builders have subcontractors that they have used for years which is an important relationship. 

Selling Materials Like That of Trees Being Cleared 

Clearing an area of older homes or trees can be a huge project in itself. You can sell scrap metal to companies that will happily pick these materials up. This can drive down costs at a build and increase the profitability of the project overall. Renting dumpsters that are picked up regularly can decrease the time needed to discard certain materials. 

Understanding Which Homes Should Be Built First 

The client will likely let you know which homes need to be built first. Infrastructure like that of roads might not be built all the way back into a new neighborhood during the construction of the home. Building certain homes first can allow this aspect of the project to go smoothly. The last thing you want is a large truck stuck in the mud when there is easy access to other areas. Incorporating each deadline into a project management system that the client has access to is important. The last thing you want is to do a great job only to find out that the client preferred certain homes to be completed first. Drones can be used to survey the property so you understand what areas are easily accessible during the infancy of the project. 


Taking on large home builds in volume is going to take a detailed plan. Do not think that things will just fall into place as you should plan for the worst and hope for the best!