Talkspace Shares Ways to Overcome Fear and Anxiety with the Coronavirus

    The outbreak of the Coronavirus started in Wuhan, China, and it has since spread to other parts of China and other countries. Centers for disease control and prevention (CDC) mentions that by 23rd February 2020, mainland china had 76,936 reported cases of infections, while cases in other parts of China were 1,875. By 9th March 2020, the outbreak had spread to other countries. There were 22 deaths from the disease in the United States and 3,841 in other parts of the world. The virus has caused panic; people are advised to take precautions.

    The Power of Knowledge

    Although the world is in a concerned state and many people are fearful about the CoronaVirus, it is essential to note that the seasonal flu claimed the lives of 10,000 people. Therefore, we must assess the risk and stay informed. People feel vulnerable and powerless when they lack information and knowledge. The anxiety about Coronavirus stems from the fact the information about the virus is limited; hence the comparison to other illnesses is non-existent if not limited. Although there have been many casualties of the virus in China, the research is still in the preliminary stages. The insufficiency of knowledge is often the leading cause of concern and anxiety.

    How to Manage the Anxiety

    The best way of mitigating the nervousness and anxiety about the disease is to turn to trusted sources for reliable information. Some of these sources include the CDC and World Health Organization (WHO). To avoid spinning out of control, we ought to rely on them for informative details, facts, and updates on the outbreak. It is easier to put into perspective the situation we are in if we rely on reports and information from reliable sources. Although some governments took the time to react, it is clear that everyone is now doing their part to combat this virus. It is also helpful to talk to someone when you start feeling anxious; online therapy is a click away.

    You can sign up for online therapy on platforms like Talkspace. This form of treatment is particularly useful during this time as you eliminate human contact. If you subscribe to online therapy via Talkspace, you will receive help from a licensed therapist at an affordable price at the safety of your home.

    Useful Information during the Outbreak

    Prevention begins with you; the first step of doing so is to gather information. Find out if there are reported cases around your area of residence and workplace. If there are any cases, it is best to stay calm but cautious. If you experience any symptoms of the virus, interact with an infected person, or visit a country with widespread infections, it is best to get tested. There is a rise in the distribution of COVID-19 presumptive tests. It is recommended that we use our arms to cover our mouths when sneezing or coughing and regularly wash our hands for a minimum period of 20 seconds. Being supportive of others goes a long way in ensuring that the world rises above the anxiety and fear during this outbreak.