Talkspace, The Online Revolution In Mental Health Care

    In this era where mental health awareness is rising, Talkspace is positioned to quickly become the go-to resource for online therapy. Like almost everything else, technology has helped individuals access professional help without having to leave your home to travel to a therapist office. You can instead access a mental health professional, simply by logging on your computer, in the comfort of you own home. In this fast-paced lifestyle most are subject to, this provides an efficient way to introduce and include time for self-care in your schedule.

    In fact, to promote the relevance of therapy for better mental health, Yahoo Finance reported back in May that Talkspace announced its partnership with Olympic swimmer and medalist, Michael Phelps. This stemmed from him opening up about his own personal battles. “Throughout my career, I struggled with depression and anxiety at various times, and I found it so difficult to get the help I needed,” said Phelps. This highlighting a common issue when searching for adequate therapy services. The athlete joined the company to advocate against the negative assumptions regarding mental health.

    In its more recent news, New Directions Behavioral Health likewise announced its partnership with the company this past June, not only giving its customer base access to the platform but pushing to increase the impact that therapy can have to improve overall well being. Social causes like the #Metoo movement has also given a reason for the conversation about self care to come to the forefront, given how intimidating it is for victims to speak out when dealing with trauma resulting from sexual assault or harassment. Tools like the talkspace app makes therapy easily accessible, allowing users to find the emotional support they need.

    The convenience of online therapy has created a comfortable space for privacy and affordability than offered through traditional therapy, as implied on the company’s website. Services offered range from audio chat to text or voice messaging. So, how does it work? To get started, you get assessed to be matched with a therapist for your specific needs. Once you are paired with a licensed therapist, you choose the payment plan that suits your budget. You can then begin to message your therapist at anytime and anywhere that works for you, without having to wait for an available opening for your appointments.

    The Talkspace app is available in the Apple store and Google Play for mobile users that may not have immediate access to a computer or laptop. This makes online therapy readily handy at your fingertips. reported that a major expansion was foreseen for the app; prescribing medications for conditions like anxiety and depression by a professional though video chat. This will address the need for many patients unable to have access to or cover the cost of their medication.

    Mental health is important. Talkspace provides an outlet to its users to understand themselves and make more positive changes in their lives. If this resonates with you or someone you love, visit their site for more information.