Teach To One: An Innovative Learning Solution For Military Families

    Within frequent relocations, emotional deployments, financial hardships, and a myriad of unique circumstances, many military families navigate life experiences that differ greatly from those of average non-military families. While military service undoubtedly has a profound effect on the enlisted individual, it also directly impacts many aspects of the lives of the families of enlisted individuals. For children, frequent relocation may cause a disruption in seamless education, rendering students potentially unable to catch up due to these disruptions. Sometimes changing schools within the midst of a school year, and entering new curriculum programs without needed background comprehension, students from military families may find ongoing detriments to be the most pronounced within cumulative subjects, such as mathematics. 

    As school districts begin to reevaluate traditional teaching methods, some of which simply cannot provide the one on one time necessary to ensure that all students reach the same level of comprehension, personalize learning models are gaining prevalence in forward-thinking schools. These innovative learning models, based on the concept of maximizing comprehension via customized lessons, grouped with teamwork, and teacher-led lessons, are gaining traction as inventive ways to modernize the classroom. For students from military families, these personalized learning models can champion their success at any stage of education, aligning seamlessly with the particular needs of military-family students.

    Leading the path to creating transformative change within the classroom, Teach To One’s personalized learning module aims to maximize positive educational outcomes for all students, at all levels of comprehension. Developed by the national non-profit organization New Classrooms, Teach To One incorporates an intuitive operational platform alongside a customized educational model, and creates a bespoke path to education for all students. For the children of military families, this customized path allows for seamless integration into the program at any time.

    Within the cutting-edge personalized learning model of Teach To One, students experience a myriad of educational opportunities that marry effectively to create a comprehensive educational experience. Independently, students complete assignments that focus on the comprehension of a singular topic, assigned purposefully through the model’s intuitive algorithm. In order to maximize social-emotional learning, students also perform group-based learning activities, and are thoughtfully paired with students who are working on the same constructs, enabling each group member to be an avid part of the team. Finally, benefitting from traditional teacher-led discussions, groups of students working on the same concept are provided with lesson time with their teacher. For educators, this method allows for the maximization of lesson planning by allowing teachers to focus on a singular lesson that all students are ready to grasp.

    Through this myriad of activities, students spend dedicated amounts of time toward comprehension of a topic, which is measured through daily “exit slips”. After completing these small daily quizzes that examine comprehension, Teach To One’s unique system determines whether the student is ready to move forward with the next lesson, or whether the day’s information will be presented in a brand new fashion during the following day. If additional lessons are needed, the topic is then presented to the student in a different way, as Teach To One intuitively learns the preferred educational methods most conducive to each student’s success. By focusing on mastery of a singular topic prior to engaging in topics that draw upon the initial lesson, Teach To One allows students to avoid falling behind within the cumulative scope of their annual math lessons. For students with military families, this feat is especially crucial in maintaining the integrity of their education.

    With successful partnerships within schools that experience a high percentage of students from military families, Teach To One has masterfully catered to the bespoke needs of these students. At North Chicago’s Learn 6 charter school, located on the Great Lakes Naval Base, the high turnover of military-family students throughout the year generates unique needs for the students. Meeting these students exactly where they are in terms of comprehension, through the personalized learning model of Teach To One, the school is able to close learning gaps, maximize subject retention, and successfully meet the unique needs of military-family students. 

    To illustrate a profound example of success, Learn 6’s Math Director, Samantha Martin, reported that “LEARN 6 had welcomed a new student in the fall of his seventh-grade year. Initially testing in the 54th-percentile for math, he started using TTO and was diligent in studying his assigned skills outside of math class. He mastered a majority of the materials available to him, and by January he was testing in the 87th-percentile.” Within Teach To One’s partnering schools, examples of positive growth for students from military families are bountiful. Proudly supporting the military, and the children of military families, Teach To One is an innovative learning solution for the unique needs of students from military families.

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