Ten Signs That He Really Loves You

    We, humans, are the most complicated beings on the planet. With advanced brains and superior intelligence, it’s no surprise why we’re the most difficult to understand among all the other species on our blue planet. Unlike other species, we don’t have predictable behavioral patterns that we display when we like members of the opposite sex. We often have to depend on luck, assumption, and a little bit of intuition to tell us who likes us and who doesn’t.  

    Apart from luck and inference, women can refer to this list of behavior to deduce how a man really feels about them.

    • He’s always checking in: Men love it when their presence is felt. This is even more so when he’s in love with you. You’ll know this if he’s always calling you to check up on you and see how you’re doing. Sometimes, he might try to hide his reasons for calling behind other things like “Did I leave something at your place?” but in the end, he’s just calling to talk to you.
    • He talks to his friends about you, even though you’ll never know: Men love to brag. They love to show off to their friends and tell them how well their life is going. If a man cherishes you and considers you a big part of his life, he’ll definitely tell his friends about you. Although he may never admit it, you can tell by the way his friends behave around you.
    • He gives you gifts: Giving gifts is one of the oldest forms of expressing love and affection. It goes back to the time of cavemen when the male would go hunting and bring back a big game for the family. While the modern equivalent of clubbed bison is challenging to determine, men still love to give gifts. The gifts don’t necessarily have to be a Porsche or Ferrari. Look for the little things like chocolate and jewelry.
    • He cares for you: You can tell when he does little things like grabbing you a drink on his way back from the fridge or holding the door open for you. Sure, he may just be a gentleman, but it could be an excellent sign that he at least cares about you.
    • He’s jealous of other guys: When a guy is crazy about you, he becomes jealous of other guys you hang out with. That’s not to say he becomes possessive in Fifty Shades of Grey kind-of-way. But then, he’ll probably act weird when you get too comfortable around other guys, especially if he senses that the other guys like you. He’ll definitely want to protect his territory.
    • He notices the little things: A man that loves you is always paying attention. That’s why he’s always checking in on you. It’s also why he notices the small changes you make. He can see when you have a new earring on, or that you’re wearing your hair differently.

    Not knowing how someone truly feels about you is annoying for some people, and unbearable for others. It’s what makes connecting with the opposite sex difficult, especially if you’re trying to connect on black dating sites | Afroromance. However, you can consider this short list as your road map for navigating the male mind. If you spot some of these signs in him, he may just be crazy about you.