Texas Olive Oil: How Is EVOO Made?

Extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) is a pure form of olive oil without any fusion of other oils. It is better to opt for it than any regular one due to a plethora of reasons. EVOO will be your number one partner if you are careful regarding your health and fitness! Its richness in flavor and medicinal characteristics make it the finest among oils. It is not only suitable for cooking delicious food but also helps in weight loss. Texas Hill Country Olive Co. produces Texas olive oil from conventional and natural methods to ensure the best quality and taste.

How is Texas Olive Oil Made?

Texas Hill Country Olive Co. manufactures the purest extra virgin and healthy Texas olive oil.

Harvesting the Olives

Texas Hill Country Olive Co. considers harvesting a vital part that contributes to the quality of Texas olive oil produced.

They pick the best quality and ripe olives. The time of harvest is mid-August to early November. Manual harvesting ensures high-quality olives to be selected.

There are numerous ways of harvesting using machines like tree shaker, branch shaker, a stick, electric harvest, and many more. But the manual methods are best, and they have a team of expert workers skilled to operate the equipment.

Transporting the Olives

Olives are transported right after picking them to the press without any delay. The olives must be transported within 24 to a maximum of 72 hours. Experts carry the bundles of olives in retailers and trucks safely to the mill for processing. 

Pressing and Extracting

Once olives are brought to the mill, they are properly cleaned to remove any kind of dirt and debris.

After that, they are crushed under non-porous rollers to get pure, thick olive oil. Granite wheels also grind olives, but Texas Hill Country Olive Co. prefers non-porous rollers to granite ones.

This step creates a concentrated and impure form of oil. For 1 liter of EVOO, you need 5 to 6 Kgs of olives.


After it is extracted, it’s filtered to get rid of any tiny dirt particles. Texas olive oil is filtered before getting into your hands. It is passed through various filters and comes out in a pure and refined form. 


The Texas olive oil is packed in bottles after a lengthy harvest, extraction, and purification procedure. Glass bottles are preferred to plastic ones as plastic bottles can prove hazardous.

Advantages of EVOO

EVOO best for multiple uses, including cooking, frying, drizzling and being a part of the skin and hair care routine. Here’s why:

  • It has antibiotic characteristics due to a chemical called Oleocanthal. Cut off painkillers from your life and add EVOO to your food.
  • It is the best you can have for your hair and skin because of vitamins A, E, and K.
  • Diabetes becomes less likely because EVOO enhances insulin production in the body.
  • It contains healthy monounsaturated fatty acids, so it is suitable for the circulatory system.
  • It levels blood pressure.
  • It helps to maintain a fit and healthy physique in comparison to other trans fat-heavy oils.

You can utilize EVOO regularly in your meals because of its negligible side effects and numerous health benefits.

Regular Vs. EVOOTexas olive oil

Texas Hill Country Olive Co. manufactures purified and original EVOO by utilizing natural olives obtained from trees rather than ground.

Using extra virgin variants is suggested as non-EVOO products can contain other treated oils that might not be as healthy. Texas olive oil retains the properties of natural olives.

Types of EVOO

EVOOs can be classified into different types depending on the natural acidity levels.

Acidity levels determine the flavor and health benefits of extra virgin products. EVOO with less acidity is more expensive.

In contrast, olive oils with greater acidity levels are more flavored and ideal for frying. Standard EVOO contains only 1% acidity.

Premium Virgin

It is the most expensive EVOO because of its low acidity. Premium virgin olive oil is indeed the healthiest option among all EVOOs. It contains natural acidity levels up to 0.225%, which is almost negligible.


It contains 1.5% acidity. If you are looking for olive oil within your budget, Texas olive oil is the best option. It is inexpensive and great for tasty foods.

Simple Virgin

This oil is a good option within budget and contains a 2% acidity level. Its acidity level makes it suitable for shallow frying and grilling.

Semi-Extra Virgin

Its richness in flavor makes it perfect for deep frying and cooking and even drizzling, thus complementing your food. It contains 3.3% acidity.

Why Choose Texas Olive Oil?

Texas Hill Country Olive Co. produces the finest and the purest EVOOs sold in the best-quality glass bottles.

Texas olive oil makes itself the best option to consider because of its richness in antioxidants, omega fatty acids, Vitamins, and medicinal properties.

Our expert team picks the best and ripe olives from trees manually and transports them to the mill on time. Moreover, Texas Hill Country Olive Co. makes the oil pass through various filters to purify it from any kind of contamination.

Texas Olive Oil for Cooking

Texas olive oil is ideal for cooking purposes. You can fry, grill various items and also drizzle it over foods to compliment them.

Add a little quantity of Texas olive oil for grilling and sprinkling. Sprinkle it over barbecues, sandwiches, garlic bread, and salads. Here are some recipes and ideas for utilizing EVOO:

  • Sprinkle a tablespoon of EVOO and a bit of lemon juice to make your salad more delicious.
  • Use Texas olive oil instead of butter in your foods.
  • Cook tasty white beans and garlic using olive oil.
  • Drizzle it over pasta.
  • Best for marinated dishes.
  • Sprinkle some of the EVOO on your barbecue items.
  • Add some overcooked garlic bread.
  • Mix crushed and boiled potatoes with roasted garlic and add EVOO to the mixture to upgrade the taste.

Texas Olive Oil for Hair

Texas olive oil consists of omega-3 fatty acids that are good to treat dry and itchy scalp. Say bye to dandruff and get moisturized and glossy hair.

It enhances hair growth and repairs damaged hair and split ends—massage EVOO in your hair well before bed and let it seep overnight.

In addition, you may apply a small amount of Texas Olive oil on your eyebrows and eyelashes before bed. It helps them become thicker and longer.

Texas Olive Oil for Skin

Texas olive oil has anti-aging characteristics and promises healthier and younger skin. You do not need expensive moisturizers.

Just add Texas olive oil to your skincare routine. If you have acne, rosacea, burns, or other skin ailments, EVOO’s antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties might come in handy!

EVOO helps heal clogged pores and breakouts that happen due to exposure to the sun and dust. If you are suffering from severe skin diseases, then it is better to consult a doctor.

EVOO consists of all the essential vitamins like A, E, and K that are good for your skin immunity. Vitamin A is known for its benefits for eyesight and skin.

Vitamin E can act as a shield against the harmful UV radiation of the sun. Sunburns are irritating and take time to heal.

The application of EVOO to the affected skin can accelerate the healing process. You need to hydrate your skin regularly. You can do it by drinking plenty of water and applying some EVOO.

The Takeaway

Extra virgin olive oil is ruling the industry and the hearts of fitness freaks. Its purity and taste make it perfect to be a part of your kitchen.

People with heart diseases, diabetes, and high blood pressure do not have to live missing the flavors of life. You can have delicious yet healthy foods using extra virgin olive oil.

When looking for the best brand to buy EVOO, you should look for companies that prioritize quality over quantity. Texas Hill Country Olive Co. is indeed the best in this regard.

Among other things, the company is known for working hard to get the best olives for extracting oil so you can get the best Texas olive oil. Whether you are a health freak or suffering from a health disease, Texas olive oil is the best you can have.