The Benefits of Automation in App Development

There are few principles as strived for as efficiency in the modern world. In a world where competition is heavier than ever with expectations set to the moon, there’s not much slack left. At the peak of efficiency is automation, something so efficient not even humans have to work at it.

One field that is especially keen to automation is that of development and coding. The influence of forces like AI have been undeniable in this shift. Yet automation can also work in much simpler ways, ways that are hard to argue against. App development is one industry where this can be displayed incredibly clearly.

CI/CD is the process of automating development, from start to end. It covers the processes of continuous integration, delivery, and deployment. Each of these cover the automation of a different process. Integration integrates coders work so there’s no need to troubleshoot contrasting code. Delivery and deployment gets the code to testing and then out to the public as quickly as possible.

These are relatively minor things, but they take time, money, and energy. Developers cite CI/CD as increasing customer and personal satisfaction as well as simplifying and reducing costs. Now development occurs on platforms specifically tailored for CI/CD. This makes everyone’s job easier, from the most basic coder, to the team updating the app store. Automation isn’t necessary for every industry, but for some, like app development, it’s the peak form of efficiency.

The Importance of Automating Your Mobile CI/CD Pipeline