The Best Louisville Farmers Markets Offerings

Today each and every city will have a range of farmers markets to be found. These events, typically held early in the morning, have vendors coming together to show off their products. What these products can be varies wildly from simple produce, to flowers, to jewelry, and any other creative item. The question to be answered here is what do the markets in Louisville specifically offer?

Well first and most unsurprisingly, produce! The Westport Road Baptist Farmers Market has tomatoes, corn, squash, onions, anything one could want. Beechmont Open Air Market is known for organic produce as well as some of the finest honey around. Phoenix Hill NuLu Farmers Market manages to have fruits and vegetables that never fail to impress.

Although many markets go beyond the simple expectation of produce. Beulah Farmers Market offers some of the best desserts in all of Kentucky. Crescent Hill Farmers Market has the unique quirky item of soy wax candles. And St. Matthews Farmers Market has particularly fresh meat, eggs, and cheese.

Finally some markets make their mark through experience. Douglass Loop Farmers Market is one of the most family friendly markets. It features a playground and is particularly dog friendly. It also hosts a plethora of local bands which will play for anyone at the market to hear. Phoenix Hill NuLu Farmers Market, mentioned before, also has a staff that is known for going above and beyond. 

Farmers markets aren’t the flashiest events in a city, but they’re some of the most reliable and important. For anyone living in or visiting Louisville, these are just a few of the markets that have to be checked out. No matter what one is looking for, there’s always an experience to be had at the best Louisville farmers markets