The Best UK Industries to Invest for Entrepreneurs in 2020

    To say 2020 has been a “bit of a funny year” thus far would perhaps be the understatement of the century. However, one thing the world is going to need more of after this crisis is over if it’s going to stand any chance of getting back on its economical feet is entrepreneurial investment.

    For entrepreneurs, this represents a potentially exciting time, where the playing field has effectively been levelled and ‘reset’ so we all have an equal opportunity to make the most of some thriving markets.

    With that in mind, here are just a few of the sectors we feel have significant potential when it comes to entrepreneurial investment opportunities in 2020.

    Sustainable goods – We are slowly becoming a more eco-friendly society and this has led to an increase in demand for sustainable products. From paper straws and plant-based foods to more advanced technological sectors looking at ways to save the world through more responsible and sustainable action, there is plenty of scope here for investment. The field of bioplastics alone is worth almost $500 million and is growing year-by-year.

    Gender-neutral products – With more younger consumers rejecting traditional gender labels, there is a thriving market in products designed not for ‘men’ or ‘women’ but for everyone, regardless of gender. This is particularly true in the world of personal care products, where even male-centric brands such as Dollar Shave Club have shifted their focus towards gender-neutral products and advertising.

    Healthy junk food – We all love a good snack and whilst it might be tempting to reach for that bag of crisps or biscuits, there are a number of healthier alternatives that have been flooding the market in recent years. Vegan and sugar-free snack foods have really taken off and with the category valued at around $43 billion last year, there has never been a better time to get healthy.

    Wearables – The Internet of things is subtly changing our lives in ways we might not ever have considered even a few short years ago. Today, the wearable tech industry is thriving, with companies such as FitBit and Apple leading the charge. Indeed,  there are even pet wearables that track the health and activity of your cats and dogs. So, there should be no shortage of startups out there ready to accept your investment capital.

    Whichever industries you decide to cast your lot in with, venture capital trusts are always a safe and reliable scheme for smaller companies and investors. They not only allow you to spread your investment risk across several companies but carry tax relief as the companies are generally rated as ‘higher risk’.

    So, don’t waste your time in quarantine sitting on your thumbs. Start investing today and by the time you emerge from your self-isolation you could be sitting on a goldmine!