The Classic And New Features Of Instagram That You Should Know

Keeping up with social network changes is a huge challenge. More especially today, when there are so many updates. In fact, every week, there are new updates coming out. This is why some entities’ marketing strategy frequently needs some change with these updates. One social networking site that is packed with so many features is Instagram. Here, we will discuss some of the classic features of Instagram.

Classic and New Instagram Features

Ever since its launch, Instagram has added so many features, which benefit marketers and its users –both the paid advertisements features and organic posts. Let us take a look at some of the most significant Instagram features!

Video Features

The Instagram video posts are like regular photograph posts, except that they allow for videos of up to 60 seconds in length. You can also add a filter, your location, and a caption before you share it. These video posts actually generate more user engagement, rather than photos on Instagram.

Stories Features

One of the greatest additions to Instagram in recent time is the stories feature. These are actually similar to that of the Snapchat in which the user can add video clips or images to a story that’s viewable for 24 hours before it disappears.

Activity Status Tracker

On the 23rd of June 2019, Instagram users observed a green dot, which actually indicates that their contacts were active in the application. You may see this activity status from both direct message IG page. If you don’t want other users to see whether you are active or not, you can turn off the ‘Show Activity Status’ in the settings of the application.


The Instagram TV is actually an application within Insta –this gives the users the ability to share videos, which are even up to an hour long –so much like a television episode. This is great news for the content creators who focus on video content creation, which is the fastest growing trends in content marketing.

Mute Accounts You Follow

Instagram debuted the mute feature this year. This feature will let you mute posts or stories from certain users. This adds to the latest efforts of Instagram to provide the users with more control on the content they see in their IG feed.

Businesses May Turn Existing Polls Into Advertisements

Before, you could not turn a certain existing post into an advertisement, unless you go and hit the in-application Promote button. Now, the businesses may turn their organic posts into advertisements in the app’s Ads Manager. Businesses can also get cheap and real Instagram likes for their ads to get more engagement.

Final Say

The aforementioned features aren’t all that you can see on Instagram –there are more that you can explore and discover! Nonetheless, as a conclusion, social media advances rapidly to keep up with the consumer demands and the competition from some other social media platforms. The best bet is to stay cognizant of these updates or features, as well as focus on how you might be able to benefit from them as a user.