The Different Applications that Use Geofencing

    Geofencing marketing has helped changed the course of the advertising industry. If you are used to the traditional methods of advertising, geofencing may seem like something new and unusual to you. But it is actually a simple and innovative way for businesses to attract the right types of customers to their company. 

    Geofencing can be used with a variety of different applications. These all help the advertising method work more efficiently and reach out to the right target audience for each brand. 

    What are the Most Common Uses for Geofencing? 

    Geofencing is mainly used for advertising, but it can also be used to better personalize and enhance a customer’s experience with a company. 

    Here are some of the most common uses for geofencing 

    Social Networking 

    Geofencing Facebook ads is just one way that geofencing is linked to social media. If you have recently used a custom filter or attended an event nearby where you checked in to Facebook, you are still interacting with geofencing technology. This form of digital marketing helps to improve the users experience. It may prompt them to visit a friend nearby or stop at a local restaurant that other friends have checked into the next time they are in the geofenced area. There is also proximity marketing which can achieve the same goal.

    Marketing and advertising 

    Businesses often use geofencing advertising to offer special deals and incentives to their consumers within a specific area. It could be the area close to their place of business, or a metropolitan area where they want to attract more customers. Marketers can also place a geofence around an area where their competitors are located. This can be very useful because whenever consumers visit their competitor they will receive ads and notifications from the other business instead. This has already proven to be a great advantage for restaurants and retail stores. 

    Workplace and employee time tracking 

    Geofencing in the workplace is one tactic that many people have not heard of, but it can be very resourceful. Whenever an employee arrives at the job site, it will trigger them to clock in by using their mobile device. And when the employees exit their job for the day, they will be prompted to clock out as well. As workers come and go, the business owners can see who is on site, even if they are not physically on the job site themselves. 

    Are you a business owner who would like to learn more about how geofencing marketing could impact your business? Our team is here to help explain the basics of geofencing so that you can make an informed decision on if it is the right advertising method for you. Call us today for more details.