The Importance of Curing Weed

    The benefits of cannabis have been documented for some time, and people have realized that there are over 700 strains of cannabis, each with their own unique look and effects. However, to be able to get the best from a cannabis yield, it is vital to ensure that all the relevant steps are taken. 

    Many assume that the importance lies in the growth of the plant. However, the steps that are taken after the growth are just as important. 

    The way cannabis is used has changed dramatically. Although once frowned upon, research has shown that cannabis offers more than psychoactive effects and can be used for medicinal reasons, treating people that suffer from pain, sleep disorders, and mild anxiety.  

    The curing of cannabis is, therefore, necessary, especially when cultivating medical marijuana. The growth of weed can occur in many different environments and take place over different time frames, but no shortcuts should be considered. 

    The following is an overview of the curing process and a guide that will help those growing weed for the first time the opportunity to harvest a successful crop. (If you need more information on how to harvest your weed plants, Green Relief has an informative guide.)

    The Drying Process 

    Following a successful growth, those cultivating weed will need to dry out their harvest before curing. Many people will be keen to know how long this process takes, but it can differ depending on the location and the amount of cannabis being produced. 

    Many steps can be taken by those looking for methods of quickly drying weed, but it is advisable to research what method suits you best, as it helps make the process faster overall. Trying to rush the process can mean starting the whole growth again, so patience is vital during this step. 

    The Curing Process 

    Once the weed has been dried, it then needs to be cured, which is typically done via the use of airtight jars for home growers, while those cultivating cannabis at mass scale will use more sophisticated methods. 

    For example, the cannabis-curing specialist Jonathan ‘Magar’ Martinez focuses on the curing and storing of cannabis and works in alignment with 918 Roots in Muskogee to make this possible. 

    Some may assume that sandwich bags are just as efficient, but unfortunately, the use of such bags can mean that the potency of the weed is reduced. 

    Those using glass jars should choose glass canning jars, such as Mason, and ensure that the cannabis is dry before starting the curing process. Any moisture remaining can mean mold is produced, which in turn causes defects to the cannabis contained within the jar. 

    How Long Does the Curing of Weed Take? 

    Those curing cannabis as a hobby or for personal use will need to ensure that the weed is cured for at least 30 days. Those that can become more experienced will find that they can judge whether additional is time. Some marijuana aficionados have cured their weed for as long as two years. 

    Those more experienced with the growing of cannabis will already have a method in place, but those starting are advised to open the jars once a day during the first three days. 

    Following this, the jar should be opened twice a week for two weeks, and then once more following the month. Jars are left open for a maximum of 15 minutes a time, as this allows the oxygen to be introduced, as well as releasing gas and removing small portions of moisture.  

    Knowing if the Cannabis is Cured 

    If the right steps have been taken so far, a high-quality yield will make itself apparent as a wet and spongy bud that breaks apart with ease. Once you reach this step, it is vital to store cannabis in a cool place. Otherwise, you run the risk of the cannabinoids breaking down. 

    Curing Weed: The Final Thought 

    Those looking to grow weed quickly will often find that the result is of little value if the right methods aren’t used. As such, the growth of weed overall can require a lot of patience and skill. However, those willing to invest the time will find that the correct curing process helps deliver a product that makes the wait worthwhile.