The Mighty Fortress Church Cares About The People In Their Community And Created A Community Festival In Celebration

    The Mighty Fortress Church deepens the relationship with Christ. The Bible teachings and live worship build lasting and meaningful relationships while providing important messages for living in the modern world and authentic worship services. The ministry is focused on the importance of victorious Christian living and powerful worship. The atmosphere is both friendly and comfortable so Christians can encounter God’s presence.

    A lot of people do not attend church because the atmosphere does not make them feel comfortable. Some churches offer the same ritual every week and a very formal atmosphere. This is where the Mighty Fortress Church is different because they encourage people to come exactly as they are. They want everyone to enjoy coming to church and leave with a positive experience. Everyone is welcomed into an accepting, sensitive and loving atmosphere. All cultures and races are accepted here.

    The Mighty Fortress Church focuses on God and His impact on the lives of the people. This worship enables the people to receive the spiritual refreshment, inspiration and blessings of God. The presence of God is beautifully expressed through the worship team, choir and band. Every person has the freedom to express their gratitude of God. Thousands of lives are changed by the word and faith is nurtured to help people live victorious Christian lives. This is where the answers for the most difficult challenges are found.

    The Senior Pastor is Bishop T. R. Williams. His voice is both prophetic and apostolic for these times. Bishop Williams has devoted his life to the ministry for more than thirty years and has served the Body of Christ in many different ways. He is highly respected and focuses on the knowledge and wisdom found in the word of God. He believes this is where the answers to sin, disease, moral decay, poverty, racism, sickness and social rebellion against God can be found.

    Mighty Fortress has provided Brooklyn Park with a sensational Family and Friends Community Festival for 2018. The June weekend was filled with music, food, welcome bags, a bouncy house, face painting and games for the children. The church provided free educational and health screenings for the community, basketball and swag bags. Numerous organizations participated in the community event including the Brooklyn Park Police, Fire Department, Parks and Recreation and social service agencies including the Treehouse for Youth and CEAP.

    The event was focused on healthy families and took place in the city of Brooklyn Park. Everyone attending on Saturday had a lot of fun and enjoyed the sun. Everyone was warmly welcomed back by Mighty Fortress on Sunday for worship services. There was the spoken word, praise dancing and worship filled with spirit. The community was welcomed at the reception with an atmosphere created to be accepting, forgiving, loving, sensitive and worshipful.

    The community was able to relax while encountering the presence of God and his life changing word. This was a free weekend the families and friends who attended will never forget. The church loves this city and wants the people to know they are here and waiting to serve.