The Paramount Applications Of College


    A lot of opinion surrounds the topic of attending college and how much it is worth it or not. Because of expenses and the fact that students usually have to get a job or two just to stay in school can be discouraging to a new or ill-prepared student. Alex Djerassi highly recommends searching for financial help through if applicable. However, it is proven that those who have a degree can get higher-paying jobs and have a better chance of higher pay at entry-level. The average person with a bachelor’s degree makes around 59,200.00 a year vs no degree at 31,900.00. It’s clear to see how important the difference in that number is. That means completely different qualities of living in most places. Not only a better quality of living can be achieved but the knowledge is such a huge asset to one’s personal life. College is a very mind-opening experience and very important in the minds of many.

    When considering if it is a good decision, one must take into account the homework load, realizing it is no different than a full time job (depending on how many credits per semester). Making a great decision like attending college will have a massive impact on a person’s life in a multitude of ways. Many students who love learning and expanding their minds report a positive experience and consider it invaluable. For one coming from a sheltered life of unconscious ignorance, it can be such a life-changing experience! The feeling of having opportunity and options helps bring a mindset of stability and can boost one’s drive to keep going and succeed!

    There are those who seek to keep other human beings sheltered and uninformed for whatever reason (usually of malicious intent) it is shameful and cruel to do to a person. Being One like myself who came from a cult background it can be truly liberating to finally be free to expand one’s mind on one’s own terms and learn in the way they so choose best for themselves.

    There are many options to learn on one’s own terms in these educational institutions. Online classes make it easier for the busy parent or person who may be on the go a lot. Part-time campus classes are a great option too because they give one a chance to experience on-campus learning and may have access to better support from teachers, tutors, and staff. With the growth of the online world, however, options for online learning are vastly improving! Teachers are finding creative ways to connect with students remotely while still making a meaningful connection. As the world of learning improves with the technology available to an individual today, the importance of learning is so easily attained with dedication and the desire to stick to one’s goals and make one’s dreams come true! A person who values the importance of expanding the mind will gladly attend these amazing universities available to one all over the world! Where there’s a will, there’s away! Alex Djerassi believes that college is very paramount.