The Pros and Cons of Marijuana: The 5 Most Common Arguments For and Against Medical Marijuana

    What’s up, bud? Wanna hit . . . of information?

    The US outlawed marijuana in the early 1900s, not because of the drug’s innate “badness.” Factually, alcohol is more dangerous than marijuana. The drug became illicit due to its poor association with early Mexican immigration.

    That’s not to say there aren’t legitimate arguments against recreational the use of marijuana. Exploring both sides of arguments is a necessary exercise in validation of the drug.

    These are our pros and cons of marijuana.

    Pro: A Doctor’s Note

    There are some favorable arguments that support marijuana use for medicinal practice. Doctors should prescribe use of marijuana sparingly, not by the whim of the patient. Blurring the lines between medicine and “pot for fun” shouldn’t be encouraged.

    The drug has a calming effect on many psychosis ailments, like anxiety and depression. THC often acts as an alluring relaxation agent. If you need the best medicinal marijuana around, you can check out

    Marijuana has properties that aid in pain relief. It can be used in lieu of evasive opiates or other medicines. Pot is often less dangerous than other prescription drugs that do the same thing.

    Con: A Gateway to Worse Drugs

    Marijuana is a gateway. It sounds like a scare tactic, but it’s true.

    A frequent user will experience increased tolerance. Think of alcohol use. Repetitive drinking, like pot smoking, will train the body to be impervious to its effects.

    Frequent misuse of the drug will influence people to chase that fleeting high. They’ll seek out their next drug. And then their next after that one loses its effectiveness.

    It’s a dangerous cycle of dependency. Don’t abuse marijuana, it can lead to harder drugs.

    Pro: the Economy Would Boom

    Legalization of marijuana would create an economic wave. It could be as large of an industry as alcohol or other consumption entertainment.

    Any time a dollar changes hand, there’s a ripple adding energy to that wave.

    Jobs would be created to meet the influx of demand for pot. Facilities and markets for the once illicit drug would open to the public. An entire market of employment would be accessible to those without jobs.

    Home-sellers would no longer be outlaws. If you’re ever interested in how to grow your own, take a look at GreenBudGuru.

    Revenue from drug sales would be subject to taxation. That new source for government funding would lend to greater governmental spending projects.

    Con: It Can Impair

    Weed is a drug, and drugs do have their negative effects.

    Impairment from marijuana is a typical side effect. Mental functioning slows to a crawl. Reactionary responses lose their snappiness.

    Mental degradation can also occur with overuse. Psychosis, depression, and other impairments of the brain are serious side effects. Misuse can damage the brain, just like any other drug.

    Most Important Pros and Cons of Marijuana

    Marijuana is a medicinal gift. CBD in the plant has untold healing abilities that medicine is exploring. Its combat effectiveness far outweighs the negative health concerns.

    However, marijuana is still very illegal in some regions. Getting caught with the illicit drug can create a horrible burden on yourself. It damages reputations and can lead to jail time.

    Smoke Responsibly

    There are pros and cons of marijuana, just like anything.

    The plant is a medicinal miracle, which could lead to economic development. But too much of a good thing is possible. Misuse leads to impairments and heavier drugs.

    Smoke responsibly and stay atop of today’s trends.