The Tremendous Amount Of Ways Kindness Benefits People

    Demonstrating kindness is one of the most basic ways to grow an impact in a community. Social media has taken over the world which is why kindness is even more important than ever. It has established the good works of the world and so many people benefit from acts of kindness. People like Shalom Lamm emphasize the importance of lending people a hand when they most need it. It is not out of pity or out of sadness when people should give love to one another. Kindness has a domino effect. The more people participating in acts of kindness, the more people that are more prone to continue these acts in their own life. The beauty of being kind to one another is that kindness can grow into more than just the acts of giving. When a person really, truly helps another without the expectation of personal gain, there is so much good that can occur. This is entirely true for in-person interaction as well as online. 

    With social media being a constant flow of information to every person online, it is simply putting that kindness on such a platform matters. When more people demonstrate kindness on their online profiles, it will reduce the chances of cyberbullying. It is clear that when people are negative online, it is harder to track who they are because of hidden or private profiles. However, thanks to technology, it is now possible to see the location of which the cyberbullying is occurring and much more information. Now, kindness can be demonstrated on social media by commenting on lovely things on people’s posts. If a small business is trying to sell something or has a promotional event, free advertising is a way to promote the business out of kindness. In addition, maybe people post things by accident. The camera could capture something that is not meant to be shown to the world. By letting a person know that their post is live rather than judging them, they will greatly appreciate it. 

    The more people that make profiles to be mean to others, the worst social media will get. Remember, social media is not a necessary part of a person’s life. It is clear that social media is a large portion of a person’s time, but it shouldn’t be that way. Doing in-person acts of kindness like volunteering or helping friends and family, is also very important. However, given the current climate of the world and how the pandemic has changed the lives of many forever, doing acts of kindness online is also very crucial. Shalom Lamm says that donating is a great way to approach a situation. Many people have GoFundMe’s or donation sites that help them with their personal struggles. It’s so important to help those in need and sharing kind thoughts with them inline as well.