Things You Can Do With Dedicated Servers

    There are numerous hosting options that are available nowadays. This makes it difficult to choose something that is perfect for you. At the end of the day, you look for something that offers flexibility and customization. An option like dedicated server Canada stands out as a wonderful option to consider. But, what can you do with a DED server? Here are some very common options to know about. 

    Host Websites

    The most common use for the dedicated server right now is website hosting. With a DED unit, you can host many sites at once or just a single one. Speeds and security will be optimized as this is done. The dedicated server hosting option gives you full access to server resources. You do not have to share any resources, like CPU speed, storage, and bandwidth. Website visitors end up enjoying a fast and smooth browsing experience. 

    Optimize Gaming Experiences

    There are many gamers out there that use dedicated servers to improve their online gaming experiences. For instance, games like Counterstrike and Minecraft are oftentimes hosted on DED servers. This is done in order to reduce latency, lag, improve speeds, and get full control. When you are very serious about online gaming and you do not want to deal with common frustrations like lag, the dedicated server is perfect. After the server is set up, you can easily and quickly set it up. 

    Host Emails For Companies

    For the growing company, the dedicated server is a wonderful opportunity for hosting email accounts. Compare this with a free or shared hosting service and it becomes clear that the DED option offers much higher customization. 

    As a very simple example, with the dedicated server, it is very easy to set limits on all attachment sizes. This helps a lot by reducing how much bandwidth is used. In addition, security is much higher so you have no problems when you have to deal with sensitive data handling. In some industries right now, dedicated hosting is mandatory for email, like in higher education or in medicine since FERPA and HIPAA regulations exist. 

    Create Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

    When you need extra security on existing network connections, the dedicated server can make this happen. You do this through the creation of a VPN. It allows sending information only after it is encrypted. This instantly gives you access to increased security. Individuals and businesses can easily benefit from the VPN setup. 

    Create Data Backups

    When you need to back up important files and data, the dedicated server is something you absolutely have to take into account. Keep in mind that when your website is your main source of income, you cannot afford to lose the data on it. Hacking is much more common nowadays than we believe. When the data you have on the site is not backed up, you might end up having to start from scratch. 

    DED servers allow you to enjoy a very secure space for your vital data. You never lose important information because the server is used as a very reliable and secure backup option.