This Real Estate Coach & Owner Of CashFlow Pros Has A Real Story To Tell

Success does not just happen; you create it. Thomas Cruz has been on a journey to disrupt the real estate industry and achieve financial freedom. However, the journey has not been a walk in the park. Despite all odds, Thomas, also known as Tom, has emerged victorious. Today, he stands as a celebrated owner and founder of the CashFlow Pros, the fastest growing real estate discord geared towards first-time real estate investors.

Tom’s real estate journey began when he purchased his first condo and became a Landlord. Little did he know that that was going to be his channel to greatness. He persistently bought more single-family homes as well as condo units. Tom purchased a 93-unit single-family portfolio for $6.3M, which he later sold at $10M. His motivation to join the real estate business was from the fact that he would enjoy tax benefits and have a passive CashFlow. Tom’s still aiming at hitting the 500-1000 units mark by the time he clocks 35years. But what essential lessons can Tom teach those eyeing to join the business? And what fundamental steps has Tom taken that is making him make waves and headlines in the market?

Building An Excellent Portfolio

If you have been keen enough, you will realize that startups undergo many challenges in establishing their business. You will find the majority in seminars, workshops, and the internet trying to find ways to make their first purchase. And when they succeed and start receiving rent, it becomes addictive, and some even misuse the same money. However, it is vital to utilize the cash to build your portfolio. Creating an excellent portfolio helped Tom to scale faster. This portfolio served him as his resume of work as well as his marketing arsenal. 

Embracing The 4Ps

4 PS refers to patience, persistence, people, and passion. Thomas Cruz understands that in every business, you have to be patient. He sometimes waited for 18months to make a sale. And for him, patience has paid back many folds. Tom is also persistent. This virtue has helped him receive excellent results. The North Carolina guru has been consistent in buying single-family properties and renting them out to subsidized government programs. He has also learned to invest in people and is passionate about his business. He teaches people how to get started in real estate and takes them through a step-by-step guide to ensure they achieve their goals. His passion for entrepreneurship began during high school and college, where he was always involved in selling Pokemon on cards, dropshipping, Amazon, and eBay. These 4Ps have helped Tom to today hold hundreds of single-family properties by himself.

Cash flow Pros

The founding of CashFlow Pros was a big win for Tom Cruz. He knew that finally, he would be able to help first-timers in the industry to invest right. On his platform, Tom prioritizes step-by-step video tutorials, weekly group coaching, and a community of investors that will stick with you every step of the way. CashFlow Pros’ goal is to provide the tools, expertise, resources, and community essential in becoming successful in growing a passive real estate portfolio. 

Do you want to leverage your tools and scale like a pro? CashFlow Pros have premium subscription services that will significantly benefit you as a member. You will be mentored, coached, receive monthly giveaways, enjoy discounts, access contract databases, receive curated education resources, and many other benefits. 

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