Timesheets Timely Death

Timesheets Timely Death

Filing out a timesheet is an annoyance that is undeniably necessary. Employees want to be compensated for the work they do. Although every day, timesheets waste $7.4 billion from employees forgetting to fill them out. It’s an annoyance to the employer and employee alike when this happens. Although it’s only human, most workers forget to fill out their timesheets at least once or twice.

So what have employers opted to do in response. Some businesses have fairly ingrained solutions. GPS, for example, is a great system for delivery workers. Key cards have employees basically signing in while a system takes care of the rest. And most recently, new systems have arrived for the remote workers of today. Things like keystroke measures, activity measures, and facial recognition.

Remote workers are predicted to make up 22% of the workforce by 2025. It makes sense then that systems should be designed specifically for these workers. Remote workers, more than physical, find themselves burnt out. One theory as to why this happens is the ease with which hours are lost to the remote worker. Many find themselves working more than 40 hours a week.

Time tracking is a great solution for these workers as it helps bring meaning back. Suddenly there’s a log of not only hours spent, but even how. Knowing what one was working on helps to keep goals clear, and objectives firm. Timesheets are possible for remote workers, but in today’s world there are simply better solutions. Regardless of the industry, time sheets are on the out.

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