Tips for Dealing with an Arrest in Your Professional Life

    Being arrested happens to be people of all walks of life for a number of crimes. There are some crimes that will result in your termination from your job while others might be overlooked. The last thing any business wants to do is put their current employees at risk. Violent crimes and theft will raise eyebrows while something like a reckless driving or DWI charge are viewed very differently. The truth is that you will have a chance of losing your job especially if you were already on shaky ground with your employer. The following are tips to dealing with an arrest when it comes to your professional life.

    Find the Right Attorney

    Finding the right attorney that specializes in your type of criminal case is important. Raleigh DWI lawyers differ in quality with some being able to get their clients a plea deal in nearly every circumstance. The important factor to consider is that of trial experience as a plea deal will not always be offered. Your attorney can give you pointers on whether to tell your employer which will be covered below. If your attorney feels like it is an easy case to get the charges dropped they might recommend you delay telling your employer until preliminary parts of the case are complete.

    To Tell or Not to Tell?

    There are some states that keep their criminal records protected when compared to other states. You do not want your employer to search your name online with the first image result being your mugshot. In states where mugshots are published it is important to get out in front of this issue. Failure to tell your employer when they will eventually find out should be avoided at all costs.

    Not telling your employer can be a risk and you shouldn’t tell them until you are convicted of the crime. You might be involved in a misunderstanding or false accusation. This is your business until you are convicted but it is essential to take a look at the employee handbook. If there are no specific mentions about being arrested while employed you might be safe. Most handbooks clarify that certain policies can be modified by management as they see fit.

    Take Steps to Get Help

    There is a chance that you have a substance abuse problem that has resulted in your arrest. A judge is going to be far more lenient if your attorney presents details of your quest to improve yourself. Going to AA meetings or other substance abuse gatherings can be a great start. There can also be outpatient rehab centers that you can attend while still workings. You do not want to have to explain another arrest to your employer so take your substance abuse problem on directly.

    Remote Work Days

    Time off requests on days that you have trial or have to appear in court need to be done weeks in advance. In today’s world you might even get the chance to work remotely and attend court during your lunch break. Take advantage of technology in this sense as not everyone can afford a full day off to go to court.

    Being arrested can be stressful and this stress compounds when you consider telling your employer. The choice is yours but remember being transparent with most employers is the right course of action.