Tips For Making The Yacht Trip Memorable

    Sailing on a yacht is once in a lifetime opportunity for most of the people specially when planning a vacation to Lake Geneva Wisconsin. So, if you are planning for your first luxury yacht charter trip, then here are a couple of tips for making the most out of this wonderful sailing experience.

    • Turn Off the Phone

    Believe it or not, a phone has become a constant distraction in life. People have become so used to with phone and applications, especially the social media apps, that they have forgotten to live and enjoy life. Nowadays, everything is about posting and flaunting on the social media network. Even during get-togethers, people are seen more on their phone than talking to each other. So, shut off this distraction while you are on the yacht by turning off your phone completely.

    There is so much to experience and to explore while sailing, especially when you are with your friends, family, or the special one. Enjoy their company, bask in the surroundings. Let the cool breeze and blue water wash away your senses and make your trip memorable.

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    • Be Specific About your Requests

    If you are going on board because of a special occasion, then be clear to make the things clear in advance. To make something more special, it is important that you coordinate with the yacht sailor and the captain. They might help you with the special requests and make your moments memorable. The best way to celebrate a special occasion is by boutique yachting Koh Samui, a beautiful place for the beautiful moment.

    • Have Your Meal on The Yacht

    You will agree with the thought that yachting is not an everyday thing. And so, it is necessary that you make most out of this one yacht trip. So, why don’t you have your meal amidst the blue sea with amazing picturesque scenery around? Therefore, make arrangements for having your lunch or dinner while you are on-board. The best way of doing this is by booking a yacht sail package that includes onboard lunch to give you the complete pleasure of sailing.

    • Go Ashore

    This might sound a bit weird that why should you go ashore when you have paid for the sail. But going ashore is a complete fun, especially the less-visited raw islands. They have some different aura and essence in them. Sailing is fun, but visiting such islands and going ashore for a while will make the trip memorable experience. Plus, this is a great place for collecting some more memories in the form of some pictures and clicks (plus, why to forget about the social media profile you can flood with these wonderful nature’s pictures later).

    Tips For Making The Yacht Trip Memorable

    • Do Not Miss The Sunsets

    Watching the sunset from a yacht is very special and like nothing else in this world. Seeing the sun go down where the water meets sky and drenching in the moment of the orangish dark sky is a spectacular view. So, do not miss this experience while you are on the yacht. Make sure to talk to your trip advisor that a sunset is included in your yacht trip. This is yet another way of sealing some memorable moments while sailing on a boutique yacht in Koh Samui.

    • Listen To The Captain

    Captain knows the sea, the islands, and the sail better than you. So, listen to him as there is no point going too far and not enjoying the key moments of the sail. A captain is a very experienced person and also runs extensive research before setting a sail. Therefore, he is the best person to know the best ways and points to get the most out of the trip and time available for you on the board.

    • Bring A Nanny

    Not an essential point, but if you are looking to completely unwind yourself while on the sail, then get your own childcare. There will be definitely fun activities for children and lots of beautiful things to watch while sailing, but you can’t expect the crew taking care of your child and become a nanny. So, if you have small kids and wants someone to look after, then get a nanny along with you for the trip (a good way to treat your nanny too, isn’t it?).

    These are some easy yet important tips for making the most out of your sail for making it a memorable experience.